Below you can find important dates throughout our program year including tuition due dates, closures, and other events. For specific production schedules for Nutcracker, Contemporary Moves, and the full school Year End Demonstrations look under Performance.

2018/2019 CALENDAR

Sept 8 Nutcracker audition for Ballet 5, 6 & 7 levels.
*Registration for classes is required.
12:30–2:00pm—Audition class
2:30–4:30pm CPDC Seminars—Required
4:00–4:30pm Parent meeting—Required
Sept 10Classes begin and Tuition Due Date # 1
Sept 15Nutcracker rehearsals begin (CPDC 1, 2 & 3)
Oct 1 Tuition Due Date #2
Oct 5 Gingerette Nutcracker rehearsals begin CPDC 3
Oct 22 - 27Open House / Bring A Friend week
Nov 1Tuition Due Date #3
Nov 12 Veterans Day observed – No Classes!
Nov 21–25Thanksgiving Holiday – No Classes!
Dec 1Tuition Due Date #4
Dec 3 - 8 Visitors’ Days – Families are welcome to observe classes
Dec 14-16Nutcracker performances at Cornish Playhouse.
Dec 23 - Jan 6Winter Holiday – No Classes!
Jan 1Tuition Due Date #5
Jan 7Classes resume
Jan 12Contemporary Moves audition for Ballet Levels 5, 6 & 7
*Registration for classes is required
12:30-2:00 PM — Audition class
2:30-4:30 PM — CPDC Seminars — Required
Jan 19Contemporary Moves rehearsals begin (CPDC 1 & 2)
Jan 21Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – No Classes!
Jan 28Mid-Year Student Evaluations
Feb 1Tuition Due Date #6
Feb 4-16Ballet 3 & 4 Conferences
Feb 18Presidents’ Day – No Classes!
Mar 1Tuition Due Date #7
Apr 1 Tuition Due Date #8
Apr 1-6Visitors’ Days — Families are welcome to observe classes.
Apr 8-14Spring Break – No Classes!
May 4, 5Contemporary Moves at Erickson Theatre
May 27Memorial Day - No Classes!
June 8Class Demonstrations (Demos), PONCHO Concert Hall in Kerry Hall
June 8End of Year