Join us as we bring this classic story to the stage with heart and a bit of humor!
Dec 14, 15, 16

About Our Program

The aim of the Cornish Preparatory Dance Program is to ensure that all students experience the joy of movement, develop a lifelong appreciation for the art of dance, and are prepared for their next step in dance when they leave our program. Whether our students’ aspire for a professional career, to dance in college, or study dance for recreational enjoyment; our instructors nurture potential at every level of interest and ability. 

Curriculum is based upon rigorous standards and accompanied with live music. Instructors are committed to somatically sound principles of dance training integrated with thoughtful consideration of students’ mental and physical well being. We value health and wellness, and understand that there is not one way a body is suppose to look for dance. All of our Instructors are educated about dance science and the importance of a strong healthy body. These core values provide opportunities for all students to discover individual creativity within traditional disciplines integral to the art form of dance.

Students are accepted into the Cornish Preparatory Dance Program for a 36 week school year.

Classes begin mid September and end mid June.