Third Annual Cornish Playhouse Arts Incubator Residencies Announced

Seattle, WA – Chris Kevorkian, President of Cornish College of the Arts, announced the recipients of the third annual Arts Incubator Residency hosted at the Cornish Playhouse. The Cornish Playhouse Arts Incubator Residency encourages artistic risk-taking by providing free space to artists as they seek to complete a work that is outside the boundaries of their usual genre, discipline, or comfort zone. This year’s recipients are recent Cornish graduate JuJu Kusanagi as well as local artists Angelina Baldoz and KT Shores, Ilvs Strauss, and Nico Tower.

“We look forward to seeing what incredible magic these bright lights will be creating in this storied and special place,” said Kevorkian.

Begun in 2014 as an answer to the problem of decreasing rehearsal space in Seattle, these residencies are part of the Cornish Playhouse’s extensive public benefit program. Applications for residencies at the Cornish Playhouse begin in the spring, with final decisions made by the start of the summer. The Cornish Playhouse Arts Incubator Residency is open to anyone age 18 and older, including professional and non-professional artists, teachers, ensembles and groups, and students. The residency is open to both those within the Cornish community and those outside the Cornish community. The lead artist applying must be a Washington State resident.

Past residencies have been awarded to Veronica Lee-Baik, Alice Gosti, Wesley K. Andrews and Jess K. Smith, Alice Gosti, Jessica Hatlo and Rosa Vissers (PE|Mo), Charles McCall and Adriana Compoy, Julia Greenway and Jessica Hoffman, Strawberry Theater Workshop, Carl Lawrence, and Hannah Simmons, among others.

Cornish Playhouse Arts Incubator Residency Projects 2016/17

JuJu Kusanagi

Cornish Playhouse Lobby

October 17 - 30, 2016

This project by recent Cornish graduate JuJu Kusanagi aims to create an environment for the audience that is multidimensional, hyper experiential, and highly interactive. All elements of the piece will be created in part through audience interaction. The video elements will be half pre programmed and half regenerated live via audience interaction and the lighting cues will be created by the footwork of the audience. Kusanagi, who graduated with a BFA in Dance in 2016, is an award-winning filmmaker and participated in the recent Microsoft HoloLens exhibition at Cornish College of the Arts.

Angelina Baldoz and KT Shores

Marleen and Kenny Alhadeff Studio at Cornish Playhouse

January 2 - 15, 2017

The artists will collaboratively generate an extended index of fragments into the shapes of poetry, playwriting, choreography, music composition, and engineering. Baldoz and Shores will include a workshop/audition for artists and non-modality based classes that will be open to the public during the residency.

Ilvs Strauss

Cornish Playhouse Lobby

January 23 to February 5, 2017

This residency will serve to workshop a future performance involving dance, narration and video. Strauss will be focused on the technical aspects of how to work with projection, experimenting with placement of projection screen with respect to performer and to audience, playing with scale (projection of a giant hand interacting with live performer), and coordinating movement between projected imagery and live performance.

Nico Tower And Kimberly Holloway

Marleen and Kenny Alhadeff Studio at Cornish Playhouse

May 8 - 21, 2017 Nico Tower plans to explore dance as a nexus of art and athleticism by choreographing a work informed by basic soccer mechanics. The improvisational scores can eventually be developed into set material that is performed with music and lights (scored and designed by Tower, choreographed and performed by Holloway).