EXPO15 Features Work of 98 Art And Design Seniors

Seattle, WA–Filling galleries in two buildings at Cornish College of the Art’s downtown Seattle campus, EXPO15 is an expansive exhibition of work from 98 graduating seniors in the Art, Design, Film+Media department. The joint exhibitions of fine art and design opens May 8, but an early look at the show can be seen as part of the South Lake Union Art Walk on May 7. Currently, selections of each artist's work can be seen at www.cornish.edu/expo/

In a gathering last month, several seniors involved in the show described their work as the result of experimentation encouraged by Cornish’s faculty, who themselves are working artists in the community. These students believe that the show also reflects a senior class which they called both provocative and supportive–as befitting the Centennial graduating class of Cornish College of the Arts. Since 1914, the college has been famed for its collaborative approach to the visual and performing arts, as well as being the school where Northwest painter Mark Tobey took his first teaching job. Recent alumni include New York City-based Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita, recently featured in Forbes, and Aleah Chapin, winner of the BP Portrait Award in England.

One of the emerging artists in EXPO 15 is Annieo Klaas, who grew up in Dakar, Senegal, and came to Seattle to study at Cornish. Her artwork has been displayed at shows in such Seattle neighborhoods as Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Georgetown, Fremont, and, this August, Pioneer Square. For EXPO 15, she created an ethereal installation of hanging paper and embroidered collages. Klaas uses obtrusive processes such as sewing through thin paper with wet thread, piercing or ripping her materials with sharp objects, and staining them with saffron dyes, charcoal powder, or washes of oil paint to explore the relationship between the artist and the artwork.

Lauren MacDonald’s installation uses both Japanese and Western woodblock techniques. “I have started to combine these with the common materials I often use in my sculpture work to create installations,” explained MacDonald. “My current work is expanding my print series, The Manor, into an installation piece examining the idea of a secret passageway. I have been building miniature rooms, to be placed within the walls of a life-sized room and visible only through peepholes.  It is playful and nostalgic with darker undertones, such as the loss of innocence or the duality of a place.” Originally from Portland, Oregon, MacDonald’s work recently was seen at “Interventions” (2014) at Clark Lake Park in Kent, Washington.

Pieces by Klaas, MacDonald, and the other art seniors will be displayed in Cornish’s Centennial Lab, 2000 Terry Avenue.

For this show, design senior Patrick Perkins created a typeface, "Pacific." This font is an exploration of rhythm, balance, and systematic thinking. Currently employed at a boutique firm Mint Design, which specializes in packaging and identity, Perkins interned at Seattle’s Modern Dog, where he worked on a variety of projects from festival posters to copy writing to brand identity.

Another design senior created a computer game titled The Pear and the Cinnamon Roll: a Digestive Platformer. Rose Burt explained that her game places the player in the “role of a ‘digestive spirit,’ collecting the food’s essence for the body’s use. It explores an appreciation of the beauty of food, the contrast between whole and processed foods, and the unquantifiable nature of nutrition.” The game was inspired by Burt’s conviction that it is necessary to overcome the “disconnect” between production of food and consumption in an industrial society, both for the health of the individual and for the health of the planet. Burt also created a process blog about her “foodventure” to share with fellow designers how she built her game.

All design student work, which includes visual communications, interior architecture, and motion design, will be displayed in the Beebe Building gallery at 2014 9th Avenue.

Participating students’ work can be seen online now at http://www.cornish.edu/expo

EXPO15: Art & Design BFA Exhibition

May 9 – 17

Opening Reception: Friday, May 8, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.


Centennial Lab, 2000 Terry Avenue


Beebe Building, 2014 9th Avenue

Gallery Hours

Weekdays 2:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Weekends 12:00 – 5:00 p.m.

EXPO 15 Art Seniors:

Fatima Al Khuzaei

Debra Betz

Shyla Carter-Braxtan

Kristen Cheely

Brigitte Elisè d'Autremont

Emily Epperson

Savannah Filson

Simon Gifford

Angela Gilham

Kristian Gursli

Pralhad Gurung

Bristol Hayward-Hughes

Jason Hess

Jade Highleyman

Kaylee Jacobson

Jenny Jun

Amy Kim

Michael Wayne King

Annieo Klaas


Ryan Lofftus

Lauren MacDonald

Zoe Maddalena

Sean Tyler McNally

Sonya Metcalfe

David Nelson

Mariah Nystrom

Carlene Page

John Marc Powell

Caitlin Ramos

Ashleigh Robb

Chelsea Rodino

Shayne Ryan

Madisen Schorno

Marissa Sohn

Alaina Stocker

Makenzie Stone

Sean Sullivan

Aiko Szymczak

Justin Tager

Alyssa Tanner

Amelia Traut

Toby Warren

Megan Wyma

EXPO 15 Design Seniors:

Amy Aivazian

Kalin Alston

Jamie Azimova

Robert Baxter

Khongor Bayar

Danita Bayer

Lisa Brougher

Rost Burt

Kathryn Curtis

Zachary Davis

Taylor Edwards

Sarah Feenstra

Nicole Freeman

Micaela Gaxiola-Flynn

Kelsey Michal Glass

Samantha Grim

Noelle Hoffman

Emiliesa Lorraine Horwitz

Emily Hozack

William Kingston

Grant B. Kirkpatrick

Morgan Krepky

Renee Legaux

Annie Lin

Callie Logan

Haley Luden

Melissa Martin

Raymond Maxwell

Katie McGuire

Petra Michael

Linda Mortensen

Mekala Nava

Benjamin Niu

Crysta Oslin

Emanii J. Owens

More About Cornish College of the Arts

The Cornish Centennial Commencement will take place at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 9, at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall at Seattle Center. Cornish College of the Arts awards Bachelor of Fine Arts in art, dance, design, performance production, and theater and a Bachelor of Music as well as a post-graduate Artist Diploma in Early Music.

Since its beginning one hundred years ago in Seattle, the College’s founder Nellie Cornish, and the many teaching artists who followed her, believed in education through exposure to all the arts. This approach continues to inform the College’s curriculum and community involvement today. Cornish is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

More About Expo15

Expo15 is made possible through the generous support of IA Interior Architects,VETRANS LLC, Weinstein A+U, Georgetown Brewing Company, Chateau Ste. Michelle, and A & P/The Stranger.