Yellow Fish Features Cornish Artists

"Stay For Tea" by Rollöfall. Photo: From the artist.

Yellow Fish Features Cornish Artists

Rollöfall will be performing a reiteration of “Stay For Tea,” her cumulative BFA project at Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival, an event featuring multiple Cornish alumni and faculty this week.

Yellow Fish Features Cornish Artists

Detail from Solastalgia provided by Robert Campbell

In 2017, Rollöfall created an immersive installation for the BFA Exhibition in an evocative domestic space/black box theater where she deconstructed conventions of the documentary genre—“story” and “evidence”— to help herself articulate her exodus from her Slavic Christian community. She will revisit work at the Northwest Film Forum Main Theater on August 30 between noon and 6 p.m. In this version created for the Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival, Stay For Tea will converge into one channel, projected downward onto an oval screen. Rollöfall will work on top of the oval canvas, preparing the platform in gradient layers and interacting with the film. The audience can attend this session for any time during those six hours. People are encouraged to reflect on how we accumulate the heuristic time and labor we invest into our distress. An artist talk will follow at 7 p.m.

Dance graduate and current faculty member Corrie Befort also will be appearing today (August 29) at Yellow Fish with LIMITS, a collaboration formed with sound artist Jason E. Anderson in 2014. Look for the science fiction tinged H (Hallway, extended mix), a three-hour version of Hallway (2015) an evolving work aboutthe transition from one place/state to another. This performance will take place at LOVECITYLOVE, 1406 E. Pike Street

Art faculty member Robert Campbell also has a multi-channel installation work of time-based collage, Solastalgia, running throughout the festival at LOVECITYLOVE. Music’s Tom Baker and current Cornish student Alessandro Rovegno will be performing Shendos No. 9 on August 31, 3:00 p.m, at LOVECITYLOVE.

Started in 2014, Yellow Fish is one of the only festivals in the country to showcase duration based performance work. The festival helps raise awareness around the historical and contemporary ideas of durational performance.

Tickets for all events are available for $10 - 30 sliding scale. For more information about the festival, see