Students And Alumni Journey To Cambodia

In early 2019, students from the Art and Film journey to Cambodia under the leadership of Professor Robert Campbell and artist Lauren Iida, a Cornish College of the Arts' graduate.

Students And Alumni Journey To Cambodia

Lauren Iida's "Memory Net" project in Cambodia

by Rosemary Jones

As part of a new pilot project in the Art Department, Robert Campbell, Professor of Art, is leading a small group of students from the Art and Film programs to Cambodia during the 2018-19 Winter Break to shoot a short documentary about the renaissance of the vibrant Cambodian contemporary arts after decades of genocide and war.

Central to the project is Art alumna (2014) and social practice artist Lauren Iida, whose work throughout Cambodia during the last decade will be a main focus. Outlining the work of several Khmer artists, the film will reflect on the engaging and ancient culture of modern Cambodia as well as the work of Iida and her colleagues in their creative and practical efforts to address poverty, child labor and physical disability. Through observation and practice, participants and artists will learn about the culture, history, and language of the Cambodian people and the Khmer culture, while immersing themselves in Iida’s passion since graduating from Cornish College of the Arts: to intersect arts and culture in order to address social challenges.

This “fact-finding” trip also will help Chair of Art Bonnie Biggs and Chair of Film Lyall Bush work with their colleagues to assess the viability of further developing a field learning or study program in Cambodia, said Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Star Hang Nga Rush.

Iida regularly leads tours to Cambodia and is currently working on an installation for the Washington Convention Center. More information about her work can be found at her website and in this Cornish News article.

Update January 2019:

Follow along with the students at Cornish’s Facebook page as we share photos and video from their trip.