Platforms of Exchange 2018

Platforms of Exchange 2018. Photo: Cable Griffith.

Platforms of Exchange 2018

A collaborative exhibition, Platforms of Exchange fills three galleries at Cornish College of the Arts. Four groups of juniors and seniors in Art created the exhibitions in a student-led response to a series of prompts. Opening night is November 2, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The annual Platforms of Exchange is the collaborative work of juniors and seniors in the Art Department. The exhibitions are created from a student-led response to a series of prompts, researched and developed over nine weeks, with faculty support.

In 2018, four groups proposed and refined their own artistic and curatorial and strategies, collaborating and sharing skill sets towards a collective vision. The students participated in presentations, seminars, studio production, installation, and critique. This process encouraged the development of individual practices within a collaborative context towards the public outcome of four very distinct and individual exhibitions.

Platforms of Exchange opens during a special Cornish “Art Walk” evening on Friday, November 2, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and remains on view through November 15.

This year’s four exhibitions are:

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Main Gallery
Main Campus Center 1st Floor

Living in the 21st century presents a seemingly unique set of problems to the average individual, and it appears life is more complex than ever. This is reflected in what feels like an endless stream of distractions and calls for attention, set out to draw our focus away or detract from the significances of day to day life. Simulacra— hyperreal, idealized, and paradoxically unsatisfactory imitations of objects or ideas— are increasingly prevalent in a world full of digital representation. With this exhibition the students aim to supply a deeper understanding of these simulations we’re being faced with and draw conclusions that allow us to erase or diminish the impact they have on our lives. This exhibit features work by Adam Makkar ‘19, Celestine Ocean ‘19, Charlene Orseth ‘20, Ellie Wellensiek ‘20, Nathan Haskins ‘20, Sean Lafferty ‘19, and Squire Simpson ‘20.

Hollowed Halls
Alumni Gallery
Main Campus Center 3rd Floor

Through examining the personal, familial, and the institutional, the works in “Hollowed Halls” explore and expose a selection of the many deceptions that lay just beneath the surface of our everyday lives. “Hollowed Halls” includes works by Kimberly Hinnenkamp ‘19, Vanessa Hough ‘20, Germain Mitacc ‘20, Marley Rae ‘20, Joe Shlichta ‘19, Sanoe Stevenson ‘20, Taylor Tomanicek ‘19, and Lionel Vance ‘20.

Intimate Chaos
Main Gallery
Main Campus Center 1st Floor

“Intimate Chaos” addresses the cycle of constant transformation, while celebrating the vulnerability of art making. No piece in this exhibition has been created by just one artist. Instead, each work was taken and altered, transformed, translated and reflected through eight unique perspectives. Through an extended and secretive game of “telephone”, the collective learned about each other, building an intimate conversation through navigating chaos together. This exhibition features an immersive installation of 2D, 3D, and video work by Rachael Benson ‘19, Kit Bernal ‘19, Idalis Madrigal ‘19, Gillian Martinez ‘19, Mo Quick ‘20, Aidan Sakakini ‘19, Haleigh Wanchena ‘19, and Alicia Weissenbach ‘19.

Through Multiple Vessels
L-Space Gallery

“Through Multiple Vessels” is a collaborative exhibition exploring space, containment, and body as it blurs the boundary between abstraction and reality. It includes a selection of two dimensional, three dimensional, and performance based works by Tammie Dupuis ‘19, Katie Currier ‘20, Benjamin Hunt ‘19, Quinlyn Johnson ‘19, Holly Jones ‘20, Amanda Mohler ‘20, and Jae Munoz ‘20.

The Main Campus Center galleries are located at 1000 Lenora Street. The L-Space Gallery is located at 2000 Terry Avenue.