Performance Production’s Schultz Earns Lighting Console for Cornish

Rachid Schultz with the new console from High End Systems. Photo: Denise Martel.

Performance Production’s Schultz Earns Lighting Console for Cornish

Just a sophomore in Cornish's unique, stand-alone Performance Production Department, Rachid Schultz is already getting recognized for his work; part of the recognition has led to the gift to Cornish of a new lighting console.

Performance Production sophomore Rachid Schultz ’19 is concentrating in lighting design at Cornish. This past summer, he gained hands-on experience programming moving-light fixtures at High End Systems (HES) in Austin, Texas, using their latest control systems, including the Hedge Hog 4. As part of his work at HES, Rachid participated in a contest to design moving lights for a selected song using a visualizer for the lighting control board. As a result of Schultz’s good work, Cornish’s Performance Production was awarded its own Hedge Hog 4 console by HES.

Additionally, HES was so impressed with Schultz, they sent out a press release that highlighted his work.

Schultz, from Bozeman, Montana, had become aware of HES working over the past three years at Jereco Studios. After his stint at HES and the training he received there, he was hired by Jereco to specify the equipment and installation for local business Rockin R Bar. He specified a variety of HES gear, plus the control system and programmed the lights and effects for ease of use by the bar staff. The owner was more than pleased with the work.

“He was blown away with the C2's and UNOs and how much more they offer than his old system of a few scanners and some small moving spots,” Schultz is quoted as saying in the release.

Schultz’s goals are to continue seeking training in moving light programming and maintenance to augment his BFA training at Cornish. 

The Performance Production Department at Cornish is one of the only production departments in the country that works independently of a department of theater.