Dwisatria’s Designs Honored By Donghia Foundation

Interior Architecture student Gabriel Dwisatria was awarded a Angelo Donghia Foundation Scholarship, as Cornish College of the Arts becomes one of a handful of colleges to have multiple Donghia recipients.

Article provided by Interior Architecture student Carrie Gerstenberger, who works in Cornish's Communications department as a content creator.

The Interior Architecture department recently congratulated Gabriel Dwisatria for his success in being selected as a recipient of the prestigious Angelo Donghia Foundation Scholarship.  Annually, over eight hundred applicants submit for this highly competitive prize. Fifteen students were selected this year from a handful of colleges to receive the $30,000 scholarship to be applied to their tuition, board, and books. The Donghia Scholarship winners are chosen via a blind jury of industry experts. For the second year in a row, a Cornish College of the Arts’ Interior Architecture student received this honor.

As a global citizen who is interested in the needs of others, Dwisatria’s projects focus on sanctuary and community awareness. 

Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, Dwisatria submitted designs for a rural clinic. He showed how a culturally sensitive and ethical design can be created for a women’s healthcare facility. The clinic design also provided a sense of inclusivity by respecting the site location and using the environment as a visual inspiration for wellness in the community.

In his description, Dwisatria further elaborated “Natumandi clinic is a healthcare facility located in Tarutung, a remote area located in North Sumatra, Indonesia. This province has the highest population of maternal and neonatal deaths in the country due to lack of facility and accessibility of health services. Natumandi clinic aims to provide a safe haven for mothers of Tarutung to give birth and to give future mothers education boot camps on how to provide better care for their
children. The design will mimic the natural environment of the city inside the interior space to promote a sense of familiarity and ease of adaptability for the patients.” 

At Cornish, Dwisatria volunteers on the local International Interior Design Association (IIDA) counsel and participates in Cornish’s Interior Architecture club. “He is an outstanding young professional designer and promotes Cornish’s global design awareness and citizenship,” said Julie Myers, chair of Interior Architecture. “Gabriel’s work demonstrates strategic systems thinking on how the environment of a space directly affects its occupants.” 

More on the Donghia Scholarship

Angelo Donghia was a pioneer of interior design. Developing his skills as an interior designer at a variety of jobs, he realized he wanted more from the “decorating business.” His New York based textile company, &Vice Versa, became known as the most innovative, creative and diverse wall covering and textile line on the market. His career projected into residential and hospitality design, with his growing client list of major corporations and famous institutions. A fixture on the elite New York social scene, Donghia was known for curating environments—not designing rooms. He believed “You should feel at all times that what is around you is attractive . . . and that you are attractive.” After his passing in 1985 his vision for the future of design remains vibrant in the Angelo Donghia Foundation. Annually the foundation supports promising students in an interior design or interior architecture program. 

As one of the 2016 judges noted in an article at Editor at Large about the recipients of the Donghia Scholarship: "These are certainly the crème de la crème of America’s design schools, and this honor certainly adds to a student’s CV as they near graduation and move on to their careers."

As Dwisatria enters his final year at Cornish, his detailed design and ability to coalesce cultural expectations with forward thinking demonstrated the same charisma, intelligence, perseverance, and boldness as Angelo Donghia’s design intentions. It’s all part of being a global citizen, artist, and innovator.