Cornish Playhouse Gallery Hosts Artists Up Exhibition

Nguyen Ly Phuong Ngoc (right), Kamari Bright (right, top), and Blanca Santander. Photo: courtesy of the artists.

Cornish Playhouse Gallery Hosts Artists Up Exhibition

Cornish College celebrates three artists from 4Culture and Seattle Office of Arts & Culture "Artists Up" program at the Cornish Playhouse Gallery.

As part of the Cornish Playhouse's ongoing commitment to public service, Cornish Playhouse Director Pinky Estell arranged for a exhibition of work from the “Artists Up” program of 4 Culture and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. The artwork of Nguyen Ly Phuong Ngoc, Kamari Bright, and Blanca Santande will be on display through November 19. 

Hung on four walls of the spacious Playhouse Gallery, audiences at Cornish Playhouse events can admire the paintings by Ngoc and Santander, as well as a video installation by Bright. The three were selected following an open call to the "Artists Up" participants. Exhibition goers will find that many of the works will be available by for purchase, but not at the show: interested parties should directly contact the artists.

​This exhibition is part of a series hosted by Cornish Playhouse, which is committed to the outreach and support of the local community of artists in both the visual and performing arts. "Artists Up" is a collaborative effort between 4Culture and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture which notes that “our work is committed to an anti-racist work practice that centers on the creativity and leadership of people of color — those most impacted by structural racism — to move toward systems that benefit us all.”