Alumni in the News - January

Still image from Grace Ryer's "Bless Your Heart". Photo: Grace Reyer.

Alumni in the News - January

Cornish alumni have been busy: producing art, furthering their academic careers, making the world a better place, and winning awards. Find out where a Cornish education has taken them.

Design grad Grace Reyer '16  who also studied film at Cornish, wrote Film+Media Chair Lyall Bush, "I just found out today I have been selected for an internship at Detour Filmproduction for the Spring. Richard Linklater will also be in post production so I will get the opportunity to work directly with him. I wanted to thank you so much for sending your letter of recommendation when I first applied.  To get an idea how Reyer was able to swing such a prestigious internship, check out her short film Bless Your Heart.  

Samantha Bosch '09 learned that she has been accepted to the masters in teaching program at Hunter College in New York City, as a Lincoln Center Scholar. "As a Lincoln Center Scholar, all of my schooling will be paid for, and I will have employment teaching music in New York Public Schools while I pursue my master's degree. I will be filling a role as a music teacher in a district that is currently underserved and hurting for arts teachers."  

This month's City Arts magazine includes its usual January feature, the Future List of Seattle artists making things happen. This year's list includes alumna Sarah Porkalob '07-12, as written up by Gemma Wilson as Sara Porkalob: Writer, Director, Stage Phenom. There will be a private party to honor Porkalob and the other artists on the Future List.

A Host of People, headed by theater alumni Jake Hooker '00 and Sherrine Azab '02, just received a $25,000 award from the Knight Foundation's Arts Challenge for their next project:The Other Hand. The award was for their intention "to celebrate difference with a new experimental play and performance series exploring the in-between spaces of those who hold multiple identities of race, culture, gender and sexuality." 

Heather Hart '98 reports that she's been very busy. Hart has an installation at Eastern Illinois U, The Porch Project: Tarble Tables, and she will take part in Grace Jones Show at the Museum of the African Diaspora. She has lectured in person at Middlebury College, Queens University, the Table Arts Center, and at Central Piedmont, and by Skype for Sienna College and the U of Missouri. She also took part in the New York Arts Practicum and as a consultant for the Contemporary Artist Retreat. Next up is a residency on Governor's Island for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Whew!