Areas of Study

Whether you’re working in narrative, documentary, experimental, or some hybrid versions, you’ll dive into filmmaking as an art form.

You’ll explore the history of film as a language and as the story of visionary innovation, while learning the tools of cinema necessary to make film:

  • Directing
  • Writing
  • Cinematography + Working with Light
  • Editing + Color Correction
  • Casting + Working on Set
  • Sound + Sound Design
  • Working with casts (including SAG actors), crews, and other artists, both in and outside of Cornish

You can download detailed degree requirements + course descriptions here: 


Digital and Analog Equipment Library

The equipment library will provide you with a wide range of digital and analog equipment including still and video cameras, lights, microphones, projectors and digital displays.

Here’s a list of some of what’s in our Equipment Library:

  • Cameras: Canon 5Ds, C100s, and C500s
  • Tripods, shoulder rigs, gimbals
  • Prime lenses, cine lenses
  • On-camera monitors and recorders
  • Lights (LED and Fresnel both)
  • Reflectors, flags, scrims, silks
  • Sound recorders, shotgun mics, lavalier mics
  • Dolly system and sliders
  • Grip kits, slates, gloves, extension cords

Recommendations for Purchasing Gear

Some students may want to purchase their own equipment. Here are some thoughts and recommendations:

  • Camera: look for reviews, as things change rapidly. A good DSLR will be between $2,000 and $4,000 with kit lens. Pay attention to the sensor: you will want a full-frame sensor and removable lenses. Canon, Nikon, and Sony are all very good. (And, soon enough, you will want prime lenses. But hold off on these until you have learned about framing, controlling depth of field, and manual exposure.)
  • Sound: a Zoom H6 sound recorder and good shotgun mic are relatively inexpensive and can change the game for that other half of filmmaking that a lot of people forget to consider when they are starting out. Rode and Sennheiser both make good shotgun mics; the department has several Sennheiser MKE600 mics that just the right combination of quality and price. Whatever mic you purchase you will want a shock mount, a boom pole, and a hairy windscreen for recording outdoors.
  • Lights: Hold off on these until you turn pro or know you must be a cinematographer.


Digital Labs

Our digital computer labs will give you access to a range of creative software including Adobe Creative Cloud. In these labs, you will be able to take advantage of increased memory and processing power in order to work on larger and more complex digital projects.

Photomedia Lab

In the Photomedia lab, you can explore black and white analogue photography as well as digital photography. You will be able to work with digital image manipulation and large format printing and can venture into Super 8mm film processing.

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