Tents and Tetras

Class Description

Engineer, build, and play! This 2-day workshop will give your creative architect the opportunity to develop their design and construction skills to build the forts of their dreams. This hands-on experience is an excellent way to keep children engaged and active during quarantine. There will be virtual show-and-tells so that the students can share their creations and learn from one another. 

Students explore and make forms of the three-dimensional world of both math and science to the artistic expression of form. Students will design and make models understanding the framework of geometry and discovering a passion for creating a form, while also embracing function. Each project alternates from exterior and interior installations for a variety of environments.  

The first session will build new creative skills to work on during the week to up your structure design for the second session. Try this as a solo workshop or bring in the entire family to design structures and forts throughout the day. 


Program Continuing Education


Registration is currently open!

  • Winter: January 30th to February 6th
    • Saturdays, 1:00 –  4:00 pm

Online class

Ages 7 and up

Discipline Interior Architecture

Price $225 for 2 sessions

Dress Requirements

There are no dress requirements for this course.

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