Political Campaign Design

Class Description

An introduction design course revolving around political campaigns and how design can be used to secure a vote, buy into an idea, or create propaganda.

During this course, students will learn the theories of creating political campaigns and how imagery and type work together to create a persona for the idea. We’ll be taking a look at how campaign design varies by region as well at different design elements that can split both parties.

Once students have learned about the basics of campaign design we will then create a fictional campaign and use the design elements they have learned to create a solid campaign. 


Program Continuing Education

Instructor Seattle Sims


Winter registration opens on October 15th.

  • Winter: January 28th to March 4th
    • Thursdays, 6:00 –  8:00 pm
  • Spring: March 25th to April 29th
    • Thursdays, 6:00 –  8:00 pm

Online class

Ages 18+

Discipline Art & Design

Price $300 for 6 sessions

Dress Requirements

There are no dress requirements for this course.

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