Cognition, Context, & Culture: Methods for Teaching Dance as an Integrated Practice

Class Description

This class meets 1 x per week for 8 weeks.

Teaching dance in a studio setting has long focused on the physical practices as the most important part of class. This has often led to pedagogy methods which disconnect dance genres from the peoples and customs of their historical origins, and overlook the different learning styles of the students in the room.

This course will focus on how to use methods which take into account how different people process information, and how to integrate information on cultural context into teaching practices. Teachers will gain the tools to create lesson plans and class objectives to support each student’s understanding of movement, while helping students to recognize dance as an integrated practice of movement and culture.

Program Continuing Education

Instructor Paula J. Peters


Registration opens on October 15th.

  • Spring: March 27th to May 15th
    • Saturdays, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Online class

Ages 16+

Discipline Additional Courses

Price $400 for 8 sessions

Dress Requirements

Please wear clothes you are comfortable to move in.

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