Students majoring in performing and visual arts are required to satisfactorily complete 6 credits in arts elective courses. These courses are provided in the Creative Corridor, an interdisciplinary arts elective program.

The program's courses invite students to move through disciplinary boundaries and connect to community, offering a range of knowledge, relevant skill and practice-based learning as well as inquiry-based, experimental and collaborative learning platforms. By enlivening real-world practice and relevant social contexts, students and teachers are encouraged to connect to each other, their communities, and various aspects of the practices of teaching and learning.

The Creative Corridor nurtures engaged, creative, critical spaces that build upon the College's emphasis on reflection, collaboration, and participation with diverse publics in ways reflective of its mission: ". . . to prepare artists, citizens, and innovator.


All baccalaureate degree candidates must complete 12 elective credits. Creative Corridor courses satisfy student requirements to complete 6 credits of college electives. These classes are open to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The Creative Corridor is open to all majors and there are no prerequisites for classes.

All classes in the Creative Corridor inspire critical thinking and making, amplify learning through new approaches to teaching, transfer Knowledge and build knowledge sharing platforms, ignite radically dynamic collaborations, and produce creative work that contributes to our community

Creative Corridor classes are divided into following categories:

  • Artist-Citizen: Public Engagement, Social and Civic-minded Practice
  • Entrepreneur-Leader: Professional and Business Practice
  • Creative Practitioner: Contemporary Cultural Production
  • Critical Digital Maker: Hands-on Creative Work Connecting Technologies to Society
  • Humanist: Focus on Health, Welfare, Dignity of Human Beings, Individually & Collectively
  • Innovator: Inquiry-based Experimentation and Collaboration

An Artist-Citizen connects their curiosity to our world and makes an impact through social practice.

A Creative Practitioner hones their craft and evolves a creative practice.

An Entrepreneur-Leader learns the business side of their practice, identifies mentors and explores the role of creative leader.

A Critical/ Digital Maker develops digital literacies and explores the intentional uses of emerging technologies to create their work, collaborate and transfer their knowledge.

A Humanist develops a grounding in self knowledge and focuses on the welfare of all human beings, individually and collectively.

An Innovator investigates, experiments, cross-pollinates and connects with others to make discoveries and apply them to complex and relevant challenges.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions for the current academic year may be found in the catalog

Textbook Policy

Individuals are free to purchase new or used books as long as the specific edition guidelines are adhered to. If no textbook information for a specific course is provided, a textbook is either not required or information will be distributed by individual instructors. It is expected that required texts for individual courses should be purchased prior to the start of each first class meeting. Information regarding additional textbooks, reading material or supplies may be provided at the first class meeting at which time a deadline will be provided (usually within the first two weeks of the semester).