Each spring Cornish College of the Arts holds its annual BFA Exhibitions in: Art, Design, Film, and Interior Architecture.

The BFA Exhibition is the crowning achievement of graduating seniors from these four departments and announces their introduction to the community as emerging artists, filmmakers, designers, and interior architects. The graduates demonstrate their fluency with new work reflecting the themes and techniques of the contemporary visual landscape. Join us in celebrating their conceptual, imagistic, and technical levels of achievement.

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Opening Receptions


ART: Centennial Lab, 2000 Terry Ave.

DESIGN/IA: Beebe Building, 2014 9th Ave.

FILM: Raisbeck Performance Hall, 2015 Boren Ave.

Film Screenings

Friday, April 26: 6pm public reception, 7pm screening

Saturday, April 27: 6:30pm doors open, 7pm screening

Sunday, April 28: 1:30pm doors open, 2pm screening

All screenings at Raisbeck Performance Hall, 2015 Boren Ave.

Gallery Hours

on view through May 10

Weekdays: 12pm - 3pm 

Weekends: 1pm - 4pm 


Our BFA EXHIBITION is the culmination of four years of imaginative innovation by graduating art seniors. The works presented in the exhibition ambitiously explore a breadth of media strategies and themes in the pursuit of new art and new ideas. Featuring works that explore installation, painting, print, performance, photography, digital media, video, sculpture, writing, and hybrids of every sort, this BFA exhibition launches the next generation of outstanding talent -and this bold group is ready to take the lead!

Venue: Centennial Lab, 2000 Terry Ave. Map >

Rachael Benson, Kit Bernal, Tammie L. Dupuis, Kimberly Hinnenkamp, Benjamin Hunt, Celestine Ocean, Quinlyn Johnson, Sean Lafferty, Idalis Madrigal, Adam-Alexandre Ashraf Osiris Fouad Saleh Makkar, Gillian Martinez, Aidan Sakakini, Joe Shlichta, Taylor R. Tomanicek, Haleigh Marion Margaret Wanchena, Alicia Weissenbach


Cornish Design represents the best and the brightest thinkers and makers in the Northwest. Seniors are working in areas including print, video, motion graphics and UX design. This exhibition showcases the rich breadth and depth in vision of these innovative talents demonstrated through the excellence of their craft.

Venue: Beebe Building, 2014 9th Ave. Map >

Adrianxavier A. Asirot, Danae Bernunzio, Melody K. Carlisle, Tenzing Lhamo Dorjee, Brianna Fawcett, Jasmin Fortin, Kara Griffin, Aisling Herron, Sam Johnson, Nikki Lim, Chris Maeng, Jeremy Marin, Amanda Marsh, Angela Nguyen, Jason Tyler Powers, Jessica Red, Madelynn Reiman, Kylina Rench, Anthony Richards, Kayla Shimizu, Seattle Sims, Kira Violette, Carolyn Wassmer, Rachel E. Watson, Ryan Woolworth, Unmi Yank


Studying Film at Cornish means learning to conceive, produce, direct, light, and edit films that reveal your voice as a filmmaker, and, along the way, you will study some great films, and learn what makes them great. “It’s not where you take things from,” said Jean-Luc Godard, who would know: “it’s where you take them to.”

Venue: Raisbeck Performance Hall, 2015 Boren Ave. Map >

Zackary Denton, Heather Garcia, Nick Gates, Tyler W. Small

Interior Architecture

The Interior Architecture seniors are part of a growing cohort of artist-citizen-innovators who are eager to research, explore and develop a social and civic-minded practice. These students represent the second graduating class of our new degree-granting pathway at Cornish. They have honed their artistic craft, experimented, and dived deep to take on an astonishingly wide variety of design challenges while using a human-centered design process.

Venue: Beebe Building, 2014 9th Ave. Map >

Julie Guthrie, Bailey Harrison, Colin Johnstone, Shaylyn Kirk, Emily Kosciuk, ZR Rosolek, Laura Schaefer, Lauren Wilcox