Alumni Benefits

Key Card Access 

For security reasons, Cornish is a locked campus. To enter the building, you need to have a key card to gain entry. ALL alums must have a new card made, and below is the process for receiving your new card from security. (recent alums still in possession of their student cards must also come in for a new Alum card)  Good news is, the card is FREE!

-If you graduated from one of the visual arts departments or theater department, you’ll have access to MCC. 

-If you graduated from the dance or music department, you’ll have access to Kerry Hall. 

-Any other requests for access to spaces/buildings, will be handled on a case by case basis with security – 206.726.5038,

The process is all online, and if you click here, you’ll be directed to the form for submission. You’ll be notified via email when your card is ready for pick-up.

Library Services

You are always welcome in the library! There is no fee to be in there to use the computers, watch footage of a show, listen to music, or make copies (DVD/CD) of Cornish productions. 

If you’d like to check out materials, there is an annual fee of $50, due to the library ~ please talk to one of our amazing librarians to sign up. 

For more details, please visit the library page of this website. Contact the Library at: 

Counseling Services

All Alumni are offered a free, one-time referral session with our counselors, to assist you in finding affordable counseling services wherever you’re living! 

For example, if you’re in NYC, Sacramento, or any town in the country, our counselors have connections to help you find mental health professionals in your area of residence.

This can be in person, or by phone.  If you are interested in a referral session, please contact Lori Koshork, Director of Counseling Services, at, or at 206.726.5027

Space Usage Rentals

If you are interested in renting a space at the alumni discounted price, please contact either names listed below, for further information: