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Cornish Housing

Living on campus is an integral part of your educational experience at Cornish College of the Arts, where you build and live in community with other artists. Cornish Commons is a 20-story state-of-the-art residence hall in South Lake Union, just steps away from the Main Campus Center (MCC) and other SLU campus buildings. To learn more about the residential living experience and amenities in the residence hall, make sure to visit the Cornish Commons website linked above.

On Campus Housing Requirement Information

Beginning with the incoming class of Fall 2022, all undergraduate students who fall into any of the following categories are required to live on campus and purchase a meal plan for the entire academic year:

  • First year and second year students under the age of 21
  • Students with freshman or sophomore class standing under the age of 21
  • Students who begin their studies at Cornish College of the Arts within 2 years of high school graduation (or equivalent) and are under the age of 21

If a student’s status changes during the academic year, they will not be released from this housing requirement until the following academic year.

Students who want to be excused from the housing requirement must complete a petition for an exemption and submit appropriate documentation to support their request for an exemption, meet with the Dean of Student Affairs, and receive written confirmation of the approval for an exemption. Meeting one or more criteria for exemption will not constitute an automatic release from the residency requirement. Failure to obtain an approved written exemption from the Dean of Student Affairs will result in the posting of housing charges to the student’s CCA account.

Residential Housing Exemption

Residential housing exemption considerations are limited to the following criteria:

  • A student with junior or senior class standing as of the first day of the first semester in attendance
  • A student over the age of 21 as of the first day of the first semester in attendance
  • A student who is married and/or has dependent children
  • Conditions for which the college is unable to provide a medical accommodation for on-campus living
  • Student demonstrates, through the petition process, that the live-on requirement presents an insurmountable hardship to studying at Cornish College of the Arts
  • Transfer, Leave of Absence, or Withdrawal from the College Note: Students who are suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons will not be released from the financial obligations of their contract with Housing & Residence Life
  • A student who is pregnant and/or expecting a child
  • A student who must move due to a military relocation obligation

Housing Applications opening in spring for fall 2022 semester

You can apply for housing as soon as you accept the offer of admission. Housing applications are due by June 1, 2021.


Watch the video made by the RA’s, showing off rooms and the 20th-floor common area
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