Other Benefits & Services

ORCA Cards

Cornish encourages alternate means of transportation, including walking, biking or taking the bus. Cornish is a participant in the Business Passport Unlimited ORCA card which will cost between $28-$36 monthly to employees for unlimited public transportation use. The amount will be an automatic payroll deduction every month. Please let Human Resources know if you are interested.


We encourage Cornish employees who drive to work to consider carpooling. Cornish provides a subsidy to those who enroll in the Cornish Rideshare Program. Carpooling is defined as two or more people sharing a ride to and from work each day when each passenger travels two or more miles each direction. The Primary Driver will be reimbursed $30/month.  Please visit Human Resources for details.


Our newly renovated on-site cafe now serves breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Check it out!