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Graduates of the BFA programs in the Theater Department at Cornish College of the Arts are expected to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Development of a personal aesthetic as a creative artist, grounded in a solid knowledge of the history and current practices of the art form, and the ability to articulate it
  • Self-knowledge and self-awareness — of your strengths, your habitual patterns, and the areas in which you still need further development
  • Physical and vocal strength, flexibility, and the ability to fully embody your creative/acting choices
  • The ability to convincingly live in imaginary circumstances, conveying to the audience a sense of emotional truth
  • Focused, concentrated, and active listening, and the ability to give and take from your fellow performers
  • A strong, consistent work ethic and a clear understanding of professional ethics and decorum
  • A variety of skills in your “toolbox” of techniques that ground you in a variety of artistic situations
  • Understanding of subtext and the importance of discovering the contradictions and opposites within your character
  • Understanding of the parameters of the production process and how to operate productively within them
  • Respect for the work of the ensemble and all collaborating artists
  • The ability to use your research and critical thinking skills to deepen the quality of your artistic work
  • The ability to work well with diverse ensembles in a range of styles and for diverse goals