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Summer at Cornish

Summer: Frequently Asked Questions

Where will classes be held?

Classes will be held in historic Kerry Hall, located on the Cornish Capitol Hill campus, in the Main Campus Center and Notion Buildings, located on the Cornish downtown campus, and at the Cornish Playhouse located in Seattle Center.

Does Cornish have parking?

Daily, weekly and monthly parking permits for Cornish College of the Arts lots are available for purchase through the security office. Please contact us for more information. Students staying in the residence during Summer at Cornish are not permitted to bring vehicles to campus.

Does Cornish have a discrimination policy?

Cornish College of the Arts does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or physical disability in the employment of faculty and staff, the admission of students, the awarding of financial aid, or the operation of its educational programs and activities.

Is housing available?

Yes. Housing is available for students ages 14 to 18. Please visit Housing.

Do you recommend hotels in the area for visiting family?

This list of local accommodations is provided for guests of Cornish. Cornish College of the Arts is not affiliated with any of the listed businesses.

Does Cornish have food service?

Food and beverages are available at the Cornish Café in the Main Campus Center building. There are also a variety of eating options within close walking distance of Kerry Hall on Capitol Hill, the Main Campus Center building on the downtown campus, and the Cornish Playhouse located in Seattle Center.

Does Cornish cancel classes?

Yes. Cornish College of the Arts cancels courses that do not reach minimum enrollment. The Summer at Cornish office will notify students of any canceled courses and transfers will be honored or full refunds will be given.

When is payment due?

Payment of tuition and fees is due in full at the time of registration. If you register and pay in full by the priority date on Friday, May 6, 2016, you will receive a 10% tuition discount.

Can I pay by check?

Yes. Fill out the registration application and mail the form and payment to:

Summer at Cornish

Cornish College of the Arts

1000 Lenora Street

Seattle, WA  98121

What is Cornish’s Privacy policy?

The right to privacy as provided by the Buckley Amendment (FERPA) requires that Cornish College of the Arts refrain from disclosing a student’s personal information to a public or private person or agency without prior permission from the student. The College extends privacy rights to non–matriculated and matriculated enrollees and will not sell or otherwise release student names or addresses to third parties. For more information, contact Registration and Records.

Does Cornish offer scholarships?

Yes. Please visit Scholarships.

Does Cornish give refunds?

Students may withdraw from a class and request a refund within the following time frames:

  • For all courses and workshops in May:Students must request a refund at least 14 days in advance of the

    workshop start date.

  • For all courses and workshops beginning mid-June through July 1: Students must request a refund before June 3.

  • For all courses and workshops beginning after July 5: Students must request a full refund before June 17.

To request a refund or withdraw from a course, contact us