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Summer at Cornish

Summer at Cornish: Dance Programs

Cornish College of the Arts has a long-standing tradition of providing dance training for children and young adults. In fact, the Preparatory Dance program, which offers classes throughout the academic year, has been running at Cornish for more than 50 years. The Summer at Cornish Dance Program extends the opportunity for continued dance training for students ranging in age from 3.5  through adult.

The Pacific Northwest provides a dramatic backdrop for summer dance classes, which are held at our beautiful, historic Capitol Hill campus. Dancers will experience a rigorous classical ballet and modern dance curriculum that stresses technique, artistry and composition, while respecting and supporting the health of the whole dancer. Intensives typically include coursework in classical ballet or creative movement, modern, Pilates, jazz, contact improvisation, composition, improvisation, acting, and character dance. Classes are taught by current Cornish faculty and guest artists. All modern and ballet classes are accompanied by Cornish’s talented live musicians, nurturing the dancers’ innate relationship to the tempo, phrasing and dynamics of live music.

Choosing the Program That Is Right For You

We have summer classes and intensives specifically designed for children, youth, pre-college and adult.

We recommend that students attending youth intensives have studied two to three days a week for at least two years. The Dance College Preparation Intensive and Teen Dance Two and Three Week Intensives require an audition. We offer two on-campus auditions and accept auditions online. Please visit our audition page for more information.  

Summer at Cornish Residential Program

Cornish also offers a dynamic residential experience in the heart of the city for student’s ages 14 to 18 years. A sample schedule of extracurricular activities is included in the residential information. Click here for more information. 

Drop-In Classes

Please contact our office to ask about our class drop-in policy for summer dance students or 206-726-5090.


Courses vary in price from $135 to $1,550. If you pay your tuition in full by May 6, 2016, you will receive a 10% course tuition discount. Housing and scholarships are available for dancers ages 14 to 18 attending pre-college intensives.

See the course descriptions for more information. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Dance Sessions

Children’s IntensivesJuly 5 - August 10
Youth IntensivesJuly 5 - August 5
Pre-College IntensivesJune 27 - September 2
Teacher WorkshopsJune 20 - 22 and July 18 - 22
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Classes (Register as a series or drop in)June 27 - July 8 and August 15 - September 2

Children’s Intensives

Ages 3.5–6 years

Cornish has provided dance training for young children for more than 50 years. Our faculty has a deep understanding of how to nurture confidence and skill in the very youngest dancers. Children’s Intensives are offered at both the beginning and intermediate level. These three and four-day intensives focus on dance, theater and prop making. Five and six year olds also participate in improvisational games and rhythmic play. Live music and the interaction of movement and rhythm is a strong component of our children’s intensives.

Youth Intensives

Ages 7-13 years

Youth Intensives are specifically designed for young dancers to focus on technique, strengthening and developing a clear understanding of dance alignment. Classes typically include exploration of classical ballet, modern, jazz, Pilates, composition and hip-hop. The curriculum also includes seminars in ballet vocabulary, music for dancers and modern partnering.

Pre-College Intensives

Ages 14–18 years

The Pre-College Intensives are technique and composition-based programs that include classical ballet, pointe, modern, composition, jazz, Pilates and contact improvisation, Musical theater intensives are also offered for students who would like to gain advanced ability in dance, stage combat and acting skills. The daily format offers intense training for dancers who want to gain strength, improve their technique and acquire the knowledge of a new discipline. Dancers are placed in morning technique classes based on their technical skill and in afternoon classes based on their age. Our experienced faculty nurtures the whole dancer in a healthy, encouraging environment.

Dancers take afternoon classes in ballet vocabulary, music for dancers, basic anatomy, improvisation and composition. For dancers ages 14 to 18, our Dance College Preparation Intensive includes essay-writing for college admissions, basic anatomy, college options for dancers, development of artistry, improvisation and the creation of a solo. Students earn two college credits upon successful completion of the Dance College Preparation Intensive.

Scholarships and Housing are available for students attending the Pre-College Intensives.

Teacher Workshops

Ages 18+

At Cornish, we believe in addressing the whole dancer at every stage of their dance training to ensure the healthy development of their skills and aesthetic abilities. We encourage both beginning and seasoned teachers to participate in our summer workshops to stimulate new training strategies and to participate in dynamic discussions with peers. Clock hours are available for Washington State certified teachers.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Classes

Ages 12-18 years

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet classes are held in June and August for dancers who want to pick up technique classes to stay fit. Students can register for a series of classes online or drop in and pay $18 at the time of the class. Students may also request permission to drop in daily for a single class during the duration of our summer intensives if space permits.Please email or call for placement questions or 206-726-5090. 

Course Date Ages Price
The Craft of Choreography Teacher’s Workshop June 20 –June 22 18 + $ 200.00
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Classes (June 27 - July 8 ) June 27 –July 8 12 + $ 130.00
July Introductory Dance Intensive July 5 –July 8 6 - 7 $ 350.00
July Creative Movement Intensive July 5 –July 8 3.5 - 5 $ 180.00
Bound for Broadway Musical Theater Dance Intensive July 11 –July 15 13 - 18 $ 550.00
Show Stopper Musical Theater Dance Intensive July 11 –July 15 9 - 12 $ 550.00
Building a Production Pre-College Intensive July 11 –July 22 14 - 18 $ 100.00
Dance College Preparation Intensive July 18 –August 5 14 - 18 $ 1550.00
Teen Two Week Dance Intensive July 18 –July 29 13 - 18 $ 1035.00
Teen Three Week Dance Intensive July 18 –August 5 13 - 18 $ 1550.00
Pre-Teen Two Week Dance Intensive July 18 –July 29 11 - 12 $ 975.00
Pre-Teen Three Week Dance Intensive July 18 –August 5 11 - 12 $ 1465.00
Teaching the Technical Dancer Workshop July 25 –July 29 18 + $ 300.00
Musical Theater Review Three Week Intensive July 25 –August 12 14 - 18 $ 1550.00
Beginner Dance Intensive August 8 –August 12 8 - 10 $ 550.00
August Introductory Dance Intensive August 8 –August 10 6 - 7 $ 265.00
August Creative Movement Intensive August 8 –August 10 3.5 - 5 $ 130.00
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Classes (August 15 - September 2) August 15 –September 2 12 + $ 145.00