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Jazz at Cornish


July 16 –July 21
M, T, W, Th, F, S
9:00am – 4:00pm


Kerry Hall, 710 East Roy St, Seattle, WA


The price of this course is $475.00

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Photo by: Winifred Westergard


At Cornish, Jazz is in our blood. Founded in 1964, ours is one of the first college jazz programs in the nation, and remains today one of the most innovative. With amazing faculty, we have some of the best musicians in the entire country to create the perfect environment for students to study jazz from Bebop to Latin. At Jazz at Cornish, we take the same elements of Cornish jazz study and open the doors to students of all ages to learn with the best of our jazz faculty and special guests. Through a weeklong session of ensemble practice, group lessons and masterclasses, you’ll be able to work on all the skills necessary to grow for school bands, precollege auditions or get you ready for undergraduate music study.

Jazz at Cornish affords talented middle and high school students an opportunity to develop their jazz improvisation skills with the nationally renowned Cornish College of the Arts jazz faculty and special guest artists. Students can expect an exciting and fun-filled week playing in ensembles with other talented students and will benefit from both formal and informal tutoring by the faculty. The Intensive has been designed so aspiring young musicians can unleash their creative potential and develop the improvisational skills required for spontaneous, interactive music making. Through various exercises designed to cultivate deeper listening skills and boost confidence, the workshop will delve into the art of jazz improvisation. The week culminates in a concert featuring all of the students in ensembles of different sizes and styles on Saturday, July 21st.

Who Should Enroll

Students already possessing a foundation on their instrument and experience playing in a jazz band or orchestra at their middle or high school. Vocalists as well as instrumentalists should apply.

Students ages 12 to 19 at an intermediate and advanced skill level on their instruments.

Daily Schedule

Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm with a break for lunch, and a concluding performance scheduled for Saturday, July 21st.

Audition Requirements

An audition is required for placement.

Auditions will be accepted emailing a video (or sharing a video link to Youtube) of the following information.

  1. Chose one song from the following list and play: One chorus of the melody and one chorus of improvisation.
    • Blue Bossa
    • All The Things
    • You Are Stablemates
    (Please email if you do not have access to the charts above
  2. Pick two scales from the following list:
    Major scales (two octaves);
    • D, G, Ab, F
    Pick one scale from the following list (one octave)
    • D Dorian
    • F Mixolydian
    • G# Phrygian
    Pick two Arpeggios (one octave);
    • G major
    • Ab minor
    • D major
    • A minor 7 b5
  3. Include a song you know from Middle School or High School band to play, or a transcription you've been working on.

Auditions by video submission will be accepted until workshops meet maximum enrollment. Please email your audition material to the Summer Extensions Program Manager, Michael Callaizakis at

Please email the program coordinator at if you have any questions about uploading your audition materials.

Requirements & Availability