Student Life

Student Conduct

The mission of Cornish College of the Arts is to provide students aspiring to become practicing artists with an educational program of the highest possible quality in an environment that nurtures creativity and intellectual curiosity, while preparing them to contribute to society as artists, citizens and innovators.

Code of Conduct

Admission to Cornish College of the Arts carries with it the presumption that students will conduct themselves as responsible members of the College community; will obey the law and comply with rules and regulations; will maintain high standards of integrity and honesty; will respect the rights, privileges and property of other members of the College community; and will not interfere with legitimate College affairs. Cornish College of the Arts may take appropriate disciplinary action when student conduct interferes with the personal rights or privileges of others, or with the College’s educational responsibilities, or when a student commits any offense of conduct described herein. Read Student Rights and Responsibilities: A Code of Student Conduct.

Grievances (Non-Academic)

The purpose of the Grievance Procedures are to provide a process for students to grieve perceived violations of College Policy. If students feel they have been dealt with in a capricious or unfair manner, they may resort to the steps outlined in this procedure Grievances can be brought against Faculty, Administrators, staff or other students.

Sexual Harassment

Cornish believes that all students are entitled to study in an environment free of harassment, and expects that all employees and students will treat each other with courtesy, dignity, and respect. We take our obligation to maintain a learning environment free of harassment very seriously. Sexual harassment is a form of misconduct that constitutes a serious offense and may subject offenders to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

In cases of sexual harassment of one student towards another student, a student may file either an informal or formal grievance directly with the Director of Student Affairs pursuant to the grievance procedures, (an official copy of the Grievance Procedure may be obtained from Student Affairs).

In cases of sexual harassment by a Cornish College of the Arts employee (faculty, administrator or staff) towards a student, a student may file a grievance informally or formally directly with the Director of Student Affairs, who will in turn refer it to the Director of Human Resources. The Director of Human Resources will then conduct an investigation into the matter.

Student Handbook

The Cornish Student Handbook contains information about Cornish policies, programs and services. It provides students with information on how to find the right office to answer your questions, what to do in an emergency and referrals to numerous resources in the nearby neighborhood and in the greater Seattle area. Learn more about the Student Handbook.

Anissa Amalia

Hello everyone! I’m a junior studying film. I’m originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. I was a sophomore transfer last year, so if anyone has any questions about the first few weeks of a transfer student, let me know! But I am excited to meet each and every one of you! So excited to get to know all of you.

Camden Bailey

I’m a sophomore in the art department. I am from Dallas, Texas. I’m interested in combining writing and visual art into a variety of mediums, and pushing boundaries across all these fields. Here in Seattle, and at Cornish, I feel like I can push myself alongside driven and creative communities who accept anyone from anywhere.

Courtney Butterfield

Hello, I am a sophomore theatre student originally from Michigan. I absolutely love cats, books, and Cornish. The environment here is absolutely fantastic because it allows me to be the quiet girl that I am but the loud one as well.

William Carley

Hi, I came all the way from South West Florida to attend Cornish, I am a sophomore into the interior architecture design. I am interested in all things atmospheric and, in addition to interior architecture, I also practice music and photography.

Victor DeMarco

Aloha! I’m a junior in the theater department with emphasis in musical theatre. I’m usually found around campus dancing and singing to my favorite Disney tunes! This island boy loves making new friends and creating ohana that will never be forgotten.

Morgan Elrod

Hi everyone! I will be a sophomore in the design department. Besides being invested in my artistic practice, I am an active member of the Cornish Student Leadership Council and will be serving as the Secretary next year. I also enjoy getting outdoors and playing soccer. I look forward to meeting everyone and helping introduce you to your new life at the amazing Cornish.

Elena Joyner

Hi, I am a California native who spent the last fourteen years in Boston before coming to Cornish. I am a sophomore musical theater major. My favorite musical is Hair. I have a passion for writing, love old movies (All About a must see!), popcorn made on the stove top, and gummy worms.

Katie McNally

Hi! I am a rising sophomore in the theater department. I’m originally from Vermont and transferred to Cornish last year from a music school in Boston, MA. I’m excited to get to know you and can’t wait to work with you all. Welcome to Cornish!

Hannah Osgood

Greetings, beautiful people! I am a sophomore theater major all the way from sunny Palm Springs, California! I am looking forward to meeting all of you so we can exchange stories and go on adventures! Be prepared for the best year of your life in gorgeous Seattle, Washington! Let's go get ice cream!

Katherine Quartermane

Hi! I’m a sophomore majoring in art! I really dig groovy conversation and getting to know fun facts about people! I can’t wait to meet you and teach you everything I know about Cornish! See you soon!