Student Life

Student Health Insurance


Cornish provides blanket accident insurance to cover injuries to students who are hurt while participating in an academic endeavor (such as taking a class, participating in rehearsals, etc). As an enrolled student, you are automatically covered under this blanket policy for no additional fee. Please note that your blanket accident insurance coverage is in excess  and secondary to any existing primary health care insurance plan that you have. In other words, the Cornish blanket accident program may pay benefits only after claims have been submitted to your primary insurance carrier. Also note that this policy ONLY covers accidents that take place on Cornish property during school events or activities. It does not cover illness.

Contact the Student Life Office at 206-726-5003 with questions or for assistance in processing a claim.

Cornish Insurance Policy

In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, all Cornish students are required to have health insurance. There are a variety of options for health coverage for you as a student; you can be covered under your parent/guardian’s policy until you are 26 or you can choose your own health insurance plan. To explore all of your options, please visit