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Student Interest Groups (SIGs) provide opportunities outside the classroom for Cornish students to participate in educational, intellectual, interdisciplinary and cultural events and/or services to their members or the college. We encourage students at Cornish to join or form SIG to share mutual interests. If you are interested in helping to develop and participate in such groups, contact us.

How do I start a SIG?

Any current student can start a student interest group for virtually any interest, hobby or ambition. Simply fill out this form and turn it in to the CSLC box in Student Affairs on the third floor of MCC. A student interest group can be formed at any time of the academic year, but in order to gain funding a budget request must be submitted during the first 4 weeks of the semester. In order to receive funding for the Fall 2012 semester, please turn your budget request form in to Student Affairs by 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 4. If you miss this deadline you can submit a budget request at the beginning of Spring Semester.

Cornish Quidditch team. Courtesy Student Affairs.

Cornish Quidditch team. Courtesy Student Affairs.

2013 – 2014 Student Interest Groups

  • Cornish Student Leadership Council
    The mission of the CSLC is to serve as a voice and liaisons for the student body. To promote campus wide community by: providing a forum for discussion; communicating to the faculty and administration; implementing projects and events; and dispersing funds for student interests groups. Meetings: Every Friday from 12:10-1:00 in MCC 303
  • AIGA
    Miguel Wylengco · 219-262-4717
    The Cornish AIGA chapter strives to bring the Design community together to help each other learn and grow as a community of designers and individuals.
  • Artisans Movement
    Georgio-Armani Pacheco · 615-246-0806
    This movement will bring together dancers; non-dancers and anyone who would like to learn how to groove and simply learn how to move through hip-hop.
  • Belter’s Anonymous
    Anna Harris · 801-869-0845
    This SIG will provide an avenue for students interested in Musical-Theatre to perform. It will create challenging themes to push members and build their strengths, while letting students feel comfortable during self-expression.
  • CO-ED Soccer Club
    Sonam Penzo · 360-301-3143
    The purpose of this soccer club is to give everyone the experience of enjoying sports while being artists.
  • Cheese Tasters Guild
    Regina Cohn · 206-612-6027
    The Cheese Tasters Guild unites students across all departments through the sampling and discussion of very fine cheeses.
  • The Corndogs Improv Comedy Club
    Danni Krehbiel · 360-850-7175
    The Corndogs Improv Comedy Club will be a place where students can come and tell funny jokes in a welcoming environment.
  • Cornish Interior Design Group
    Linda Mortensen · 206-909-3190
    The Cornish Interior Design Group helps to expand recognition and understanding of interior environments and how that influences our emotional, physical, and psychological experiences.
  • Cornish Magazine
    Makena Gadient · 808-268-4523
    The Cornish Magazine will provide opportunities for cross departmental collaboration between majors thru a school wide arts and literature magazine. You will help to contribute material for the magazine, design it, and distribute it.
  • Cornish Radio
    Griffin Boyd · 760-815-9532
    Cornish Radio exists to foster student’s desire to share their original work through eclectic programming of audio content. This platform is meant to entertain, inspire, and educate.
  • Cornish Student Curators Group
    Makena Gadient · 808-268-4523
    The Cornish Student Curators Group will solicit and organize group shows using the art of the student body. This will provide students an opportunity to learn about and actually curate/exhibit work in the gallery spaces around Cornish.
  • Delta Nu Sorority
    AnnaClaire Laush · 425-773-4783
    Delta Nu Sorority will provide a taste of Greek life to ALL students through mixers, volunteerism, fundraising, and spreading the Cornish message through the Seattle Arts community.
  • Digital Playhouse
    Sean McNally · 775-781-9238
    Digital Playhouse will support a group of motivated Art & Design students in an inter-disciplinary effort to mount an exhibition/performance/installation at Cornish Playhouse on November 22, 2013.
  • Explore Seattle Art
    Katherine Wheeler · 253-732-0958
    Explore Seattle Art will strive to involve Cornish students in the artistic community around Seattle. This will include art walks, Seattle Art Museum free first Thursdays, meeting local working artists, and volunteering with art walks.
  • Fitness SIG
    Jonathan O’Grady · 509-994-1809
    Fitness SIG strives to create a community of motivated and dedicated students who can work together to achieve health and fitness goals. Success will be achieved through games, pooled knowledge, and group motivation.
  • Freeing Ur Creativity
    Victor Matlock · 206-678-6160
    The goal of Freeing Ur Creativity is to create a Fringe-like theatre company to produce student shows. It will use tools learned throughout Cornish to work on established texts, original works, and generative pieces.
  • Hiking Days!
    Meranda Long · 303-847-2959
    This student interest group will serve student’s well-being by providing a hiking trip at least bi-weekly, whether it be in or out of the city. It will provide an opportunity for students to leave campus and experience some healthy group exercise, while exploring nature and parts of Washington.
  • Tonic Rhythm
    Hannah Tamkin · 818-264-8289
    Audition based SIG meant to further knowledge in ensemble singing, harmonizing, sight reading, and basic choreography. Non-selected members will be able to participate through the organization of group volunteer work.
  • Undeclared
    Chris Thorne · 909-367-5923
    Undeclared will give students of all disciplines and backgrounds an opportunity to collaborate musically and to grow as brothers and sisters through the power of vocal music. Undeclared will foster that power by forming an a-capella group, and blasting hella a capella jams.


In order to be granted a charter, a student organization must submit a SIG chartering application (including signatures from six currently enrolled Cornish students, budget proposal, & advisor form) within the first month of the semester the charter is being requested. Once granted, a SIG charter is valid for the remainder of the current school year. In order to maintain their chartered status, SIG’s must meet the following criteria:

  • SIG membership must be open and available to all currently enrolled Cornish students. SIG must not discriminate on any basis. This includes, but is not limited to: race, creed, color, national origin, sex, religion, sexual preference, marital status, physical or mental disability, age or veteran status.
  • SIG must not sponsor or conduct any activities that violate the Cornish conduct code, local/state/federal laws, or any event that would result in legal liability as to health and safety issues.

Chartering forms will be available through Student Affairs after the start of Fall classes. Please complete and return the SIG Chartering Form to the CLSC mailbox in the Student Affairs Office. Rechartering for next fall? Please fill out the Returning SIG Chartering Application and return to Student Affairs by the last CSLC meeting of Spring semester.


SIG funding is available through the Cornish Student Leadership Council on a first-come, first-served basis, by submitting a SIG Funding Request form within the first month of the semester the funding is being requested. Please note that priority will be given to groups with an interdisciplinary focus.

Initially, SIG will be limited to a maximum of $500 per group, per year. Requests for additional funds will be considered on a case-by-case basis only after the chartering application deadline has passed each semester. The CSLC will hear SIG additional funding requests during the second Friday of each month during its noon meeting in MCC 303. To put your SIG on the agenda for the meeting, send an email to the Cornish Student Leadership Council by the second Wednesday of the month.

No individual member of any SIG may personally profit from any activity affiliated with the SIG, use approved funds for any expenses unrelated to SIG needs, nor solicit funds for personal use from other SIG members.

Funding Request forms will be available through Student Affairs after the start of Fall classes. Please download, complete and submit the SIG Chartering Form to the Student Affairs Office.