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Housing and Residence Life takes a community based and educational approach to student conduct within the residence halls. To foster an artistic space that promotes safety, all residents are responsible for upholding the policies found in College publications such as The Resident Handbook and The Student Handbook.

It is important that our expectations are clear and all resident questions regarding conduct are answered. Residents, please speak with an RA or your Residence Hall Director for clarification regarding any of these policies or procedures.  Parents and guardians we ask that discuss these expectations with your student and contact your student’s Residence Hall Director if you have any questions.


The code of student conduct is administered by Student Affairs in partnership with Housing and Residence Life.  For more information please visit the Student Conduct website.


The Resident Handbook is always available to residents online by logging into Compass and paper copies are available at each of the residence hall front desks.

Guest Policy

Guests are welcome in the residence halls at Cornish College of the Arts and need to follow College and residence hall policies. The individual rights of a resident take precedence over another resident’s preference to host a guest in the room or building.

The following visitation hours are established to support a positive social and educational environment in the residence halls. 8 - 12 a.m. (seven days a week) Residents must escort guests out of the building prior to 12 a.m. (unless they are signed in as late-night /overnight guests).

All guests must be escorted by a current resident, who serves as a host, whenever present in the building. Guests must be escorted into and out of the building; allow only your own guests into the building. Resident hosts are responsible for the actions of their guests and will be held accountable for any violations of College policies, procedures, or standards by the guest regardless of whether or not the guest is escorted. Staff will address residents and guests who demonstrate behavioral concerns that violate residence hall and College policy. If necessary, the College reserves the right to ask guests of residents to leave for any reason and/or limit the guest privileges of a resident.

It is expected that anyone housing an overnight guest has received explicit permission from their roommate(s). For reasons of safety and accountability, and in case an emergency should arise, hosts must sign in all late-night/overnight guests and a maximum of two (2) overnight guests are allowed per host. Guests must be signed in electronically using the Late Night/Overnight Guest Sign In form. A guest is limited to staying overnight in a residence hall for three consecutive nights at a time. If any guest intends to stay longer than three nights, or if more than two (2) overnight guests are visiting, written permission must be obtained in advance from a professional staff member of Housing and Residence Life during normal business hours.

Residents are expected to maintain a safe and manageable capacity in their room at all times. Residential rooms at Cornish College of the Arts should not exceed eight (8) persons at any time. This includes hosts, other residents, and guests.

Late Night/Overnight Guest Sign In

Quiet Hours/Courtesy Hours

Artistic and academic success are an important aspect of daily life for Cornish students. It is expected that residents and their guests will respect the needs of others by maintaining a reasonable sound level at all times.

Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. - 8 a.m., Sunday through Thursday and 1 a.m. - 8 am, Friday and Saturday. During these times, sound (music, TV, voices, etc.) should be kept at a level that cannot be heard outside of your room. We encourage neighbors to speak with each other regarding individual expectations and to discuss concerns as they arise. Resident Assistants are available to help with these situations.

Courtesy hours are always in effect; if one resident asks another to quiet down (regardless of time) they are expected to reach a respectful agreement as to how to proceed regarding the sound. For example, they might decide that the TV will be turned off in 10 minutes when the movie is over, or that the music will be turned down so an ill neighbor may sleep. Again, an RA can assist with these conversations.