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Fall 2013 Move In (August 28, 2013)

The residence halls open in the fall for move in at 9am on the Wednesday, August 28, 2012. On move in day, you will check in at MCC to receive your move in packet with room key and mailbox key. All paperwork (housing and meal plan contracts and immunization and health forms) must be complete and your student account must be in good standing (including your housing deposit) before you move in. You can check the status of all of these items via Compass.

Each resident receives a Room Condition Report that reflects the official condition of the room prior to move in. Residents will have 48 hours to make any necessary changes and return this form to the Housing and Residence Life office located at 8th Avenue. 

Packing List

A packing list for new residents living on campus can be downloaded from the Housing Paperwork section of Compass starting May 1st.

Shipping Items for Move In

Residents looking to ship items for move in are encouraged to do so by sending them to our neighborhood FedEx Office (across the street from MCC).  Be sure to specify “Hold at Location” when shipping to the following address:

Student Name
c/o FedEx Office
910 Lenora Street
Seattle, WA 98121

FedEx will then hold packages for up to 5 days at no charge.  Please contact FedEx Office directly at 206.223.9226 with specific questions.  Please remember to specify “Hold at Location” to prevent your package from being refused upon its arrival.  Residents only sending one or two small packages may ship them to their new residential mailing address to arrive within 5 days of move in.  Once you have moved in you are able to receive an unlimited number of packages.

Mid Year Move Outs

Residents who receive approval for their petition to cancel their housing and meal plan contract or withdraw from Cornish must notify Housing and Residence Life at and must move out within 48 hours of their petition approval or withdrawal.  

Checking out of your room mid-semester or during winter break is slightly different than at the end of the year. Please notify your hall director immediately if you are planning on withdrawing or if you are petitioning to cancel your housing and meal plan contract. 
You will need to make an appointment to conduct a move out walk-through with a member of the Housing and Residence Life staff (in most cases, this will be your RA, but in certain cases a different member of the RA staff may be assisting you with your checkout). 
Prior to meeting the RA for your walk through and checkout, check your mailbox for any remaining mail and stop by the front desk and check for remaining packages. Your mailbox key and checkout information will be collected by the RA conducting your checkout. 

Spring 2013 Move Out (May 4, 2014)

At the end of the Spring semester, you must remove ALL belongings, clean your room, and complete checkout with your RA by noon on the Sunday following finals.

The Housing and Residence Life staff keeps the Room Condition Report (RCR) that you received and verified when you checked in on file until you check out of your room. You are responsible for any changes to the condition of your room outside of normal wear and tear, including cleaning.

At least 24 hours prior to your checkout, make arrangements with your RA for your RCR walk-through. Walk-through/checkouts cannot be completed unless all of your belongings are out of the room.

At checkout, an RA will walk through the room with you and your RCR and make notes on the condition of the room and furniture, including damages or necessary cleaning. Upon completion of the walk-through, you and the RA will sign the RCR, noting damages/cleaning (and associated charges, if applicable), as part of the checkout process.  

Once you and your RA have signed your RCR, check your mailbox for any remaining mail and stop by the front desk to return your mail key, check for any remaining packages, and finish the checkout process.

Please update your address with those who send you mail.  Also, you need to update your local address in Compass so that we can forward your mail.

More information regarding checkouts will be available at the front desks at the end of the semester. If you have any questions about the move out or checkout process, please stop by the front desk of your building, ask your RA or speak with a member of the Housing and Residence Life professional staff.