Payments & Refunds

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are due in full on the due date unless the account has an approved payment plan. It is the student’s responsibility to pay tuition and fees regardless of attendance. Options are:

  • Pay Fall Semester in full by the August 1st due date
  • Pay Spring Semester in full by the January 2nd due date
  • Enroll online in the Compass Deferred Payment Plan.

Tuition Past Due

Cornish College considers tuition past due if payment in full is not completed within 10 days of the tuition due date. Past due accounts incur late fees as follows:

  • Cornish charges late fees for past due accounts at the rate of $10 for each $1,000 past due.
  • The minimum late fee is $25.
  • Late fees are charged on the first day of class and every 30 days from that point until the account is paid.

Registering for a course, commits the student to that course, Cornish has commits space in that course. The course fees are due regardless of whether the student attends the course or not. In special cases Cornish may cancel your enrollment if your account is not paid by the due date. However, cancellation for non-payment is not automatic. To avoid charges for the semester, you must formally withdraw prior to the first day of class.

Cornish College of the Arts reserves the right to withhold grade cards, academic transcripts, diplomas and letters of recommendation until all charges have been paid and the account is cleared. Additionally, Cornish reserves the right to withhold academic transcripts for past due Perkins Loan accounts. If  debt has to be referred to a collection agency, collection costs are added to the debt. Graduates from Cornish, you must complete exit counseling and the student account must be paid in full prior to participation in commencement ceremonies. Student Accounts reserves the right to suspend the commencement privileges for an unpaid student account balance. 

Special Loan Conditions

Please note: Recipients of a federal Stafford or Perkins loan,  must schedule an exit interview with both Financial Aid and Student Accounts before graduation, leaving school or electing not to register for the next semester. 

Refunds & Adjustments of Tuition

Refunds and adjustments are available for college credit courses 15 weeks or longer. Lack of attendance does not cancel your incurred financial obligation. Adjustments and refunds of tuition and fees are permitted only with official withdrawal from Cornish course(s) and confirmation from the Office of Registration and Records.


Tuition refund calculations are based on three factors.

  • The date that either an Add/Drop or Complete Withdrawal Form is confirmed  and dated in Registration & Records.
  • A predetermined refund schedule.

If a credit balance results from a drop or withdrawal and is owed back to you, we will process the refund through the ACH E-Refund System to the designated account. It may take up to two weeks for your refund to be processed. 


When  a recipient of federal financial aid drops below 6 credit hours or completely withdraws from Cornish during the established refund schedule, the financial aid is recalculated according to federally-regulated guidelines. Depending on the outcome of the recalculation, you may owe:

  • all or a portion of your federal loans (to be paid back to their lending institution), AND/OR
  • all or a portion of the tuition and fees for which you were originally charged.

Tuition Refund Schedule

College Credit Courses: 15 Weeks or More

  • On or before the first day of class: 100% 
  • Remainder of first week of semester: 75% 
  • Second week: 50% 
  • After the second Friday of semester: No refund 
  • Third and following weeks: No refund

Summer & Special Courses: 5 – 14 Weeks

  • Before the first day of class: 100% refund
  • First day through end of first week: 40% refund
  • Beginning the second week: No refund

Summer & Special Courses: 4 Weeks or Less

  • Before the first day of class: 100% refund
  • Beginning with the first day of class: No refund

Summer at Cornish and other special programs may employ special refund dates. Please check your registration information for more details. Cornish reserves the right to change tuition rates and fee schedules at any time without prior notice.

Refund Petitions

If you have withdrawn from Cornish under exceptional circumstances, you may petition for a full or partial refund of your tuition and fees. Exceptional circumstances must be carefully documented on a Refund Petition. Your Refund Petition must be filed with the Student Accounts by the last day of the eighth week of the semester for which you are petitioning for a refund.