Work Study

What is work study?  It is a need-based program that provides eligibility to work part-time on or off-campus while pursuing your studies at Cornish.

How is it funded?  If you are a legal resident, it is funded by the State of Washington and your employer, and your award is called State Work Study. Otherwise, it is funded by the federal government and your employer, and your award is called Federal Work Study.

What is the difference between a work study job and a regular part-time job?  Some of the benefits of a work study job are scheduling flexibility, working in your field of study, work study earnings typically not increasing your FAFSA Expected Family Contribution (EFC), a possible eligibility for the State of Washington Food Stamp Program while you maintain your work study job, whether you are a legal resident or not.

How do I get paid?  For an on-campus job, you and your supervisor keep track of hours worked on a timesheet you both sign on the 19th of the month and submit to the Office of Financial Aid. At Cornish, you receive a paycheck once a month at the end of the month. For an off-campus job, you do the same but according to your employer's payroll and timeline. You must be paid at least once a month.

How much can I earn?  You can earn up to your award amount. You must be paid an hourly wage that is equal to an entry level non work study position performing similar duties with the organization and, never less than Washington State minimum wage, $13.00 starting January 1, 2016. You can work a maximum of 19 hours per week during enrollment periods and breaks.

For more information about the work study program, please visit the Work Study Program DefinitionWork Study Residency Classification Information and Rate of Pay and Benefits Paid to Work Study Students.

Current Work Study job opportunities are posted at College Central.

Work Study Job Postings

Current work study job opportunities are posted in the Office of Financial Aid and at College Central, an online job site where students can do more than review posted positions. They can load their resume and portfolio, research internship and volunteer opportunities, and more.

Creating a login and password is required to access the site. To view work study job opportunities once registered, select Work Study in the Job Types section. All available positions will be displayed. The School ID field will indicate whether the job is being offered through the Federal Work Study program (FWS) or the State Work Study program (SWS) exclusively for long-time residents of Washington. If you are unsure which type of work study award you have, please refer to your most recent award letter or contact the Cornish Office of Financial Aid for assistance.

Disclaimer: Cornish College of the Arts is not responsible in any way for the contents or postings of non work study employment opportunities at College Central. Students, alumni or other users of College Central are solely responsible for negotiating and executing any contracts or other working relationships with listing parties. Site users are responsible for all applicable law (such as intellectual property rights) that may pertain to any listed positions.