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Opposing Forces

Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 12:00 p.m.— Sunday, October 26, 2014

Breakdancing, live beats, hip hop, and gender roles: five B-boys from different generations and cultures come together in curiosity, strength, vulnerability, and grace.

In Opposing Forces, choreographer Amy O'Neal '99 examines the paradoxical nature of B-Boy culture as it relates to femininity and the value systems of dance battling, commercial dance, stage performance, and freestyle cyphers. How do these different environments affect expression? Where are stereotypes changing and where do they remain the same? O'Neal pries open these topics and more via conversation, collaboration, and transfixing dance moves. Seattle's own WD4D performs live music. With lighting design by Amiya Brown, artwork Ben Zamora.

Fever One of Rocksteady/DVS Crew
Alfredo "Free" Vergara Jr. of Circle of Fire/SoulShifters Crew
Brysen "JustBe" Angeles of Massive Monkees/SoulShifters Crew
Mozeslateef of Circle of Fire/SoulShifters Crew
Michael O'Neal Jr. of Chapter1NE/The Beat Hippies Crew
WD4D of Care Package/Stop Biting Crew

Amy O'Neal is a Seattle teacher and choregographer who has taught and performed nationally and internationally and choreographed for stage, commercials, dance films, and music videos. She is a longtime collaborator with renaissance man Reggie Watts. Opposing Forces is O'Neal's first large-scale work in a strictly choreographic role.



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