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Unity 1918 Design Meeting-08-13-09

Rough Costume and Scenic Designs Explored

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Costume and Scenic designs for Unity 1918 are well underway. This morning the designers met with director Marya Sea Kaminski to look at how the show is shaping up. The photos below show part of that discussion underway, and also a sneak peek at the rough designs for the set. Please note that we are still early in the process, so these are by no means final designs, but they give a good idea how the process works.

Costume Designer Stephanie Fulsom (Performance Production Junior) and Director Marya Sea Kaminski (Theater Faculty) talk about costumes.

Professor Karen Gjelsteen, Scenic Designer unveils the rough model for Unity 1918 during the meeting.

Professor Gjelsteen discusses the design with the director and TD (out of the image) while Props Coordinator Heidi Hunt (Performance Production Junior) and Costume Shop Supervisor Carl Bronsdon (PP Faculty and Alum)
As you can see, coffee is an important part of the design process!

Professor Gjelsteen’s rendering of the rough design for Unity 1918 in the Poncho Concert Hall

Rough design model for Unity 1918 - this is an initial model built for studying the way the design works and discussing it with the director and other designers, it is not a finished scenic model.

Ground Plan for Rough Design - note that as with the model, this is a snapshot of the design process to date.
Stay tuned for more to come!

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