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Production Process Shots for the Fall 2010 production of Summertime by Charles Mee

Images from a series of production meeting preparing for one of our fall co-productions with the Theatre Department. 

Dave Tosti-Lane holding designer rendering infront of icamera for directing Desdemona Chiang Skype-ing in for the meeting.

From left to right, Heidi Hunt, Sound Designer; Theresa Ulrich, Technical Director; Carl Bronsdon, Costume Shop Supervisor; Stephanie Fulsom, Costume Designer discussing her renderings visible on table.

From right of Stephanie Fulsom; Maria Manness, Stage Manager; Greg Carter (lower right corner), TD and Stage Management Area Head.

Montana Tippett, Scenic Designer prepping her white model for discussion.

Another view of white model; Sophie Thoma, Assistant Props Coordinator; Madison DeGidio, Asst. Costume Designer; Karen Gjelsteen, Scenic Design Area Head.

Desdemona Chiang (visible on laptop screen) via Skype for meeting.

Costume renderings.

Another view from above of white model exploration of a non-traditional / environmental style audience configuration.

Montana Tippett explaining the model to team and director via Skype.

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