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Performance Production

The following learning outcomes are identified by the Performance Production Faculty as essential for graduates of the program. The curriculum is designed to guide students in their active pursuit of these outcomes.

  • Broad knowledge of the practice, theory and history of all concentrations within Performance Production.
  • Skilled in craft, methods, and use of materials of technical production/design.
  • Thorough command of the practice of research, and the ability use and adapt information to specific projects.
  • Ability to think critically about and discuss the historical and social context of the performing arts.
  • Ability to communicate about their work in oral, graphical, and written form.
  • Ability to present their work effectively in group settings.
  • Ability to articulate a personal aesthetic.
  • Capacity to integrate learning across disciplines.
  • Capacity for self-assessment.
  • Ability to participate in and productively respond to critique of work.
  • Respect for and ability to participate in the collaborative process.
  • Understanding of and ability to practice basic project management skills.
  • Demonstrates a strong and consistent work ethic.
  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of professional ethics and decorum.


Performance Production