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Pride and Prejudice

Raisbeck Performance Hall Fall 2011, directed by Jane Jones

Scenic Design by David Brack (Senior)
Costume Design by Sarah Nietfeld (Senior)
Lighting Design by Jeremiah Givers (Senior)
Sound Design by Theresa Ulrich (Senior)
Stage Managed by Anna Gustafson (Senior)

Photos by Dave Tosti-Lane


PONCHO Concert Hall Fall 2011, Directed by Andrew Russell

Scenic Design by Mdison DeGidio (Senior)
Costume Design by Gabrielle Strong (Junior)
Lighting Design by Gabrielle Strong (Junior)
Sound Design by Tristan Roberson (Junior)
Stage Management by Maria Manness (Senior)

Photos by Dave Tosti Lane

The Fifth of July

Raisbeck Performance Hall February 2012, directed by Roger Bennington

Scenic Design by Kat Stromberger (Junior)
Costume Design by Madison DeGidio (Senior)
Lighting Design by Tristan Roberson (Junior)
Sound Design by Caitlin Tong (Junior)
Stage Management by Jeremiah Givers (‘11)

Kat Stromberger’s scenic drafting:

Act I sketch

Act II sketch

Ground Plan

Section View

Wall Elevation

Madison DeGidio’s Costume Renderings:

Shirley Talley, Act I

Gwen Landis, Act I

John Landis, Act I

The Old Maid and the Thief

PONCHO Concert Hall Spring 2011, Directed by Daniel Wilson

Scenic Design by David Brack (Junior)
Costume Design by Sarah Nietfeld (Junior)
Lighting Design by Michelle Takashima (Senior)
Stage Management by Gabrielle Strong (Sophomore)

Photos by Dave Tosti-Lane

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Seattle Center Playhouse April 2012, directed by Rich Gray and Kathryn Van Meter

Scenic Design by J. Richard Smith (Department Coordinator, Adjunct Professor)
Costume Design by Mary Chisholm and Amie Ro (Seniors)
Lighting Design by Amber Hood (Senior)
Sound Design by James McKenna (Junior)
Stage Managed by Anna Gustafson (Senior)

Scenic design model in the light box:

Costume Renderings by Mary Chisholm and Amie Ro:

Helena Landless, by Amie Ro

Alice Nutting, by Amie Ro

Bazzard, by Amie Ro

The Chairman, by Mary Chisholm

Edwin Drood, by Mary Chisholm

Princess Puffer, by Mary Chisholm

The Philadelphia Story

Raisbeck Performance Hall Fall 2009, Directed by Carol Roscoe

Scenic Design by Associate Professor Greg Carter
Lighting Design by Joshua Tillman (Senior)
Costume Design by Helena Stitzel (Junior)
Sound Design by Jared Stover (Senior)
Stage Management by Sarah Tubb (Senior)
Photos by Dave Tosti-Lane


Unity (1918)

PONCHO Concert Hall Fall 2009, Directed by Marya Sea Kaminski

Scenic Design by Professor Karen Gjelsteen
Lighting Design by Brandon Chapman (Junior)
Costume Design by Stephanie Fulsom (Junior)
Sound Design by Justin Park (Senior)
Stage Management by Michelle Takashima (Junior)
Photos by Chris Bennion

Anon(ymous) Directed by Department Coordinator & Adjunct Instructor J. Richard Smith

One of the Theatre Department’s Junior Ensemble productions with a cast of 17.  Performed in the black box studio space at MC6. 

Hannah Mootz

Noah Greene, Hannah Mootz

Noah Greene, Samantha Leeds, Eden Schwartz, Jorge Julian Orozco

Qadriyyah Shabazz, Noah Greene, Hanna Mootz

The Philadelphia Story Scenic Design

Scenic Design by Associate Professor Greg Carter
Rough Ground Plan, Section, and Model Photos

Model Photos, courtesy Adam Rosand

Ground Plan for The Philadelphia Story in the Skinner Theater

Download a pdf of the groundplan here: GroundPlan.pdf

Section for The Philadelphia Story in the Skinner Theater

Download a pdf of the section here: Section.pdf

Unity 1918 Design Meeting-08-13-09

Rough Costume and Scenic Designs Explored

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Costume and Scenic designs for Unity 1918 are well underway. This morning the designers met with director Marya Sea Kaminski to look at how the show is shaping up. The photos below show part of that discussion underway, and also a sneak peek at the rough designs for the set. Please note that we are still early in the process, so these are by no means final designs, but they give a good idea how the process works.

Costume Designer Stephanie Fulsom (Performance Production Junior) and Director Marya Sea Kaminski (Theater Faculty) talk about costumes.

Professor Karen Gjelsteen, Scenic Designer unveils the rough model for Unity 1918 during the meeting.

Professor Gjelsteen discusses the design with the director and TD (out of the image) while Props Coordinator Heidi Hunt (Performance Production Junior) and Costume Shop Supervisor Carl Bronsdon (PP Faculty and Alum)
As you can see, coffee is an important part of the design process!

Professor Gjelsteen’s rendering of the rough design for Unity 1918 in the Poncho Concert Hall

Rough design model for Unity 1918 - this is an initial model built for studying the way the design works and discussing it with the director and other designers, it is not a finished scenic model.

Ground Plan for Rough Design - note that as with the model, this is a snapshot of the design process to date.
Stay tuned for more to come!

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