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Pride and Prejudice

Raisbeck Performance Hall Fall 2011, directed by Jane Jones

Scenic Design by David Brack (Senior)
Costume Design by Sarah Nietfeld (Senior)
Lighting Design by Jeremiah Givers (Senior)
Sound Design by Theresa Ulrich (Senior)
Stage Managed by Anna Gustafson (Senior)

Photos by Dave Tosti-Lane


PONCHO Concert Hall Fall 2011, Directed by Andrew Russell

Scenic Design by Mdison DeGidio (Senior)
Costume Design by Gabrielle Strong (Junior)
Lighting Design by Gabrielle Strong (Junior)
Sound Design by Tristan Roberson (Junior)
Stage Management by Maria Manness (Senior)

Photos by Dave Tosti Lane

Cornish Dance Theater, Spring 2011

Broadway Performance Hall, Spring 2011

Costume Design by Ron Erickson (Costume Department Head) and Madison DeGidio (Junior)

The Old Maid and the Thief

PONCHO Concert Hall Spring 2011, Directed by Daniel Wilson

Scenic Design by David Brack (Junior)
Costume Design by Sarah Nietfeld (Junior)
Lighting Design by Michelle Takashima (Senior)
Stage Management by Gabrielle Strong (Sophomore)

Photos by Dave Tosti-Lane


Spring 2011 Broadway Performance Hall, directed by Paul Budraitis

Scenic Design by Montana Tippett (Senior)
Costume Design by Helena Girod-Sitzel (Senior)
Lighting Design by Joshua Tillman (Senior)
Sound Design by Heidi Hunt (Senior)
Stage Management by Jeremiah Givers (Senior)

Photos by Dave Tosti-Lane

Tom Thumb

Raisbeck Performance Hall Spring 2011, directed by R. Hamilton Wright

Scenic Design by Heidi Hunt (Senior)
Costume Design by Lindsey Pothan (Junior)
Lighting Design by Amber Hood (Junior)
Sound Design by Dave Tosti-Lane (Department Head, Sound Design Head)
Stage Management by Anna Gustafson (Junior)

Photos by Dave Tosti-Lane

Production Process Shots for the Fall 2010 production of A Woman Of No Importance by Oscar Wilde

Karen Gjelsteen, Scenic Area Head examines a prelim rendering of scenic design by Bobbie Welch, Scenic Designer.

Close up of scenic rendering.

Left to right:  Adam Rosand, Assistant Sound Designer; Dave Tosti-Lane, Chair / Sound Area Head; Jeremiah Givers, Stage Manager; Kelly McDonald, Costume Designer; Katjana Vadeboncouer, Director; Amber Hood (back of head), Lighting Designer.

Research process images.

Left to right:  Isaac Waring, Assistant Director; Bobbie Welch, Scenic Designer; Karen Gjelsteen; Sophia Hughes, Sound Designer;

Karen Gjelsteen explains a design challenge.  Previously unidentified: Anna Gustafson, Assistant Stage Manager; Caitlin Tong, Properties Coordinator.

Costume collage research material from Kelly McDonald, Costume Designer.

Production Process Shots for the Fall 2010 production of Summertime by Charles Mee

Images from a series of production meeting preparing for one of our fall co-productions with the Theatre Department. 

Dave Tosti-Lane holding designer rendering infront of icamera for directing Desdemona Chiang Skype-ing in for the meeting.

From left to right, Heidi Hunt, Sound Designer; Theresa Ulrich, Technical Director; Carl Bronsdon, Costume Shop Supervisor; Stephanie Fulsom, Costume Designer discussing her renderings visible on table.

From right of Stephanie Fulsom; Maria Manness, Stage Manager; Greg Carter (lower right corner), TD and Stage Management Area Head.

Montana Tippett, Scenic Designer prepping her white model for discussion.

Another view of white model; Sophie Thoma, Assistant Props Coordinator; Madison DeGidio, Asst. Costume Designer; Karen Gjelsteen, Scenic Design Area Head.

Desdemona Chiang (visible on laptop screen) via Skype for meeting.

Costume renderings.

Another view from above of white model exploration of a non-traditional / environmental style audience configuration.

Montana Tippett explaining the model to team and director via Skype.

The Philadelphia Story

Raisbeck Performance Hall Fall 2009, Directed by Carol Roscoe

Scenic Design by Associate Professor Greg Carter
Lighting Design by Joshua Tillman (Senior)
Costume Design by Helena Stitzel (Junior)
Sound Design by Jared Stover (Senior)
Stage Management by Sarah Tubb (Senior)
Photos by Dave Tosti-Lane


Unity (1918)

PONCHO Concert Hall Fall 2009, Directed by Marya Sea Kaminski

Scenic Design by Professor Karen Gjelsteen
Lighting Design by Brandon Chapman (Junior)
Costume Design by Stephanie Fulsom (Junior)
Sound Design by Justin Park (Senior)
Stage Management by Michelle Takashima (Junior)
Photos by Chris Bennion

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