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Helpful Information for First Year and Incoming Transfer Students for 2014-2015

The following information will prove useful if you are a First Year incoming student or a Transfer Student to the Performance Production Department.  The information provided is suggested and can, and most likely will be updated by individual instructors during the first days of each class when individual syllabi are handed to students.  You also will not find information here regarding Humanities & Sciences classes and information on reading packets and/or supplemental reading material for individual classes.

TEXTBOOKS:  Information about textbooks requirements for Performance Production courses can be found on our new Amazon aStore Site. The link is you can also find a direct link to the aStore on our departmental web page under Curriculum.  Textbooks can also be purchased directly through other online vendors such as Barnes & Noble, Ad Libris or through second hand retailers such as Half Price Books, Abraxus, Third Place Books, etc.  Just be aware that newer editions are harder to find second hand and instructors will usually specify which editions are required or recommended in their syllabi.

Additional material may be posted prior to the start of the semester and should be provided by individual instructors in each of your syllabi.  Please be aware that it is expected that you purchase required texts listed on the aStore site prior to the first class meeting for each Performance Production course.

SUPPLIES:  This information is suggested materials and should be considered basic materials needed to begin your course of study as a student in the Performance Production Department.  Specific changes and modifications will be made clear by individual instructors during the first class days.  Students should hold off purchasing supplies until the instructor has gone over the list and specified when supplies will be needed for the respective courses.


Materials for Model Making, Painting, and Sketching

Model Making Supplies
Metal straight edge with cork backing (12” to 18”)                    
X-acto knife                              
X-acto # 11 blades   (100 pack is $20.00) 5 pack            
White glue, preferably Tacky glue, or White Elmer’s      
Glue brush, dissecting pick, or toothpicks              
Cutting Matts 12 X 18”: $12.50 18 X 24”:                  
Bristol Board 2 ply and 4 ply            
Spray Adhesive, high tack such as Scotch # 77, or Yes Paste      
Illustration Board 20 X 30”                
Graphite Transfer paper (Class Lab Fee will purchase)
Multi-media board
File folders and index cards
Emery boards or sand paper
Common pins
¼” Foam Core
Paint Supplies
Q-Tips for paint and glue
Matte Medium                    
Brushes (synthetic) for Watercolor and Acrylic (all water media)
    1 medium flat;  small, medium, large rounds. approx total      
Water Jar and mixing palette (possibly an ice cube tray)
Small sponge (optional)
Tooth brush (optional)
Paints:  watercolor, gouache, or acrylic: Roscoe Deep Iddings
    Scenic paint sample kits are available for $66.00 @ P.N.T.A.       

Drawing Supplies
Sketch Paper
Art gum Eraser

Collage Supplies
Spray Adhesive, Yes Paste, Glue Stick or Rubber Cement
Mounting Board such as Illustration Board
Scissors, or X-acto knife
Metal Straight edge with cork backing
                            TOTAL COST, APPROXIMATELY       $150.00

PRODUCTION LAB:  Students may be required to purchase the following tools
to participate in class (keep in mind, lab has no textbooks).  New students might be able to bring some of these items from home:

Eye protection
Wonder Bar
crescent wrench (8”)
claw hammer (16oz)
quick square
tape measure (25’)
utility knife
10” fabric scissors
gridded plastic ruler
hearing protection
vice grip pliers (any)

STUDENT COMPUTERS:  Although the Performance Production Department does not currently require students to have a lap top computer, the following information could be considered a good recommendation for a lap top should you be planning ahead.

For general information, please refer to the Design Department recommendations. For students who are leaning toward Sound Design, think in terms of the Motion Design requirements, while others think in terms of the Graphic Illustration requirements. Stage Management students can think in terms of minimum computers which can handle basic office type programs. Mac or PC is fine in any case (though all our sound students, and many of our other students lean toward Macintosh).

A White MacBook, or the 13” unibody MacBook Pro would be fine for almost everyone. Sound Design students and some Lighting Design students might want to think in terms of a MacBook Pro, though the inexpensive MacBook White actually works quite well for sound as well. On the PC side, any computer which is set up for gaming requirements will probably be fine for the most intensive requirements in any of the concentrations. Stage Managers would be fine with a Netbook or a bottom-line laptop in the $400-$600 range.  Students can purchase Apple products through the Cornish Apple Store link on the Cornish web site and receive a discount.

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