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Earth Day Project: Interventions@ Clark Lake Park, Site Specific Art Project

April 18, 2012

April 21 – 30, 2012
Clark Park (between SE 240th and SE 248th at 127th Ave SE)
Kent, WA

April 20, throughout the day

Meet the Artists
April 21, 10 am - noon

SEATTLE, WA – Students from Cornish College of the Arts are using Clark Lake Park, a passive use park in the city of Kent, as their inspiration and research laboratory. They will be installing temporary site-specific artworks at the park on April 20 in celebration of Earth Day weekend. The artworks will remain until April 30. These projects explore the science and form of the park as well as the whims of the artists.

Alexx LeCates - Danger is hinted at by the suggestion of a deep lake monster in the middle of Clark Lake.

Ryan Aragon – A patch of Himalayan black berry vines is transformed to resemble the labyrinthine maze of a housing development, speaking to various invasions species.

Jasmine Gervais - Miniature tableaus depict couples claiming Clark Lake Park as their “own” space.

Simon Gifford – A triangular grid drawing of string is draped over a field revealing the earth’s contours.

Morgane McGuire - Using wire and paper the artist mimics the contours of empty space found between delicate lines of both fallen branches and upturned up-turned tree roots.

Aaron Milligan-Green – This, That, or the Other: Viewfinders frame three aspects of the park’s environs.

Arthur Pennock - A long scrim of the colors of light refraction wends its way through the trees offering filtered views.

Taylor Pinton & Caleb Shafer - Trade Secrets: In a futile attempt to make lake water drinkable, the artists retrieve water from the lake, purify it, bottle it, seal it, and label it on demand.

Rylie Rasler - Illustrated field guide are based on artist’s observations at the park.

Ashleigh Robb – They Fell Somehow: Imagined causes of fallen trees hang in hand crafted nets from two downed trees in the park.

Nollan Schildroth - Escape the Escape references a refuge where technology reigns within the bucolic boards of this passive use park.