The Woodwinds of Change: Music Grads Out in the World

Graduated from 2009 to 2015, here is a progress report on five impressive woodwind-playing alumni of the Cornish's Music Department.

Cornish has graduated any number of artists in the performing and visual arts. It’s a great pleasure to follow just one strain: students of the flute and other woodwind instruments. Students in the Music Department at Cornish graduate with a bachelor of music degree (BM) in composition, instrumental performance, vocal performance, or jazz studies. Students are offered the opportunity to explore new technologies and innovation in electronic music, improvisation, and original works. Cornish also offers an Artists Diploma in Early Music for post-baccalaureate students. Uniquely because of its size and mission to teach both visual and performing arts, Cornish fosters opportunities for its music students to collaborate with students and faculty from Art and Design, Film and Digital Media, Dance, Theater, and Performance Production.

Samantha Bosch '09, is a picture-perfect example of someone whose talent and entrepreneurial skills have made for a fabulous Seattle career including being, among other things, a teaching artist at the Seattle Symphony, a booking agent and producer at Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park, and a piccolo player in an all-women marching band whose mission is to empower women of all ages.

After receiving her BM two years ago, Melinda Abendroth '14 stayed on at Cornish to earn an Artist Diploma in Early Music. Melinda is very actively playing baroque flute she plans to take a year off and then pursue further graduate studies.

Another student of the baroque flute is Thomas Reyna ’15. Thomas is about to go study baroque flute at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague in The Netherlands, but first he’s playing in a Seattle summer concert featuring contemporary music for baroque instruments.

Ammon Swinbank '14 is in graduate school at NYU studying flute, composition and improvisation. Her introduction to Cornish had been through the summer program, when she came to Seattle from Denver to take the Robert Dick/Paul Taub Flute Masterclass. You can reach her at

Also in New York to pursue graduate studies is Regina Cohn ’15 is oboe alum who I mentored who is at SUNY Stony Brook where she just completed her first year in NY.