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Student Drag Show a Blowout Success

Student Drag Show a Blowout Success

: Sarah Henley-Hicks (TH '14); 2 (l-r) Anna Claire Laush (TH '17), Devyn Grendell (TH '17), Maizy Perdue (TH '16), Cass Neumann (TH '16); 3 (l-r) prof Timothy McCuen Piggee, Victor DeMarco, and cohost Tequila Mockingbird. Photo by Tanya Miranda (DE '14).

Student Drag Show a Blowout Success

: Liza Pattison (TH '15) and Niko Mell (TH '15). Photo by Tanya Miranda (DE '14).

Student Drag Show a Blowout Success

: Patrick Anderson (TH '15), Sean Rosado (DA '15), and Ty Ellis (TH '17) back up show co-host Tequila Mockingbird (Skylar Dove [TH ‘14]), who stuns in peacock blue.. Photo by Tanya Miranda (DE '14).

Student Drag Show a Blowout Success

: Miranda Antoinette Troutt (TH '15). Photo by Tanya Miranda (DE '14).

Student Drag Show a Blowout Success

: Taylor Westerlund (TH '15), Macauley Williams (DE '15), and Bridgid Abrams (TH '14). Photo by Tanya Miranda (DE '14).

Student Drag Show a Blowout Success

: Tiger Barcelona (Richard Peacock [DA '14]), event judge Cherry Manhattan, and show cohost Tequila Mockingbird. Photo by Tanya Miranda (DE '14).

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Artistry, Creativity, Craziness, “Awesomeness,” come out big-time at 2014 Cornish Student Leadership Council Drag Show

What would you expect from a show put on by students who know how to act, sew, paint, light, compose, cue and choreograph? Awesomeness. The annual Cornish Drag Show is exactly that kind of showoff show — completely student-performed and produced and collaborative in crazy ways. “All sorts of artists show off their strengths, and we get to experience scenes, dance routines, make up artistry, costume creativity, and so much more” says show co-host Tequila Mockingbird (Skylar Dove [TH ‘14]). Put those same students in an even bigger professional stage and what do you get? Bigger awesomeness!

Ms. Mockingbird believes part of the success is due to presenting at the new Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center. “This year was the most successful drag show in Cornish history via attendance, venue and support,” says Tequila.

Just before Spring Break, the Cornish Student Leadership Council donned their rhinestones and acrylic hair for the 2014 drag show, their biggest and best yet, bringing in a crowd of over 300 audience members.

The show follows a 10-year tradition of individual wit, humor and drama. For the last few years since the crowns were handed down from hosts Anisette Collins (aka 2013 RuPaul’s Drag Show winner Jinx Monsoon, or Jerick Hoffer [TH ‘10]) and Dotty Marquee (Richard Andriessen [TH ‘10]), the annual show built up steam at Raisbeck Performance Hall, with a Cornish drag tradition so popular that they had to do two runs per night just to stuff the audience in under fire code, boas spilling out the windows.

The show has seen some interesting plotlines along the way, from the resurrection of an undead Jinkx Monsoon to a fairy-tale wedding and a jailbreak. The new Cornish Playhouse offered a lot more room to strut around, and this year, show hosts Tequila and Tiger Barcelona (Richard Peacock [DA ‘14]) decided to just let the acts shine and dispense with stories and themes. “We’re simply fabulous by just being ourselves.”

“I adore the efforts of CSLC and the uniqueness of the Cornish Drag Show”, says Tequila, “it’s not your typical drag performance”. The performance is very personal, and CSLC’s efforts are definitely strong here; volunteering countless hours in service of the group’s mission to “serve as a voice” for the students, and to “promote campus wide community”. The hosts have worked hard since September, biting their fake nails along with CSLC event planner Victor Matlock (TH ‘14) and peers through loads of auditions, logistics planning, tech coordination, advertising, community outreach, and fabulous outfit selection- these students care a whole, whole lot, and it’s truly something.

Besides raising over five hundred dollars to donate to their chosen charity, Lambert House, CSLC celebrated the work of several other organizations. “Back in Freshman year, I remember having a couple booths from organizations out in the lobby and I found it to be very magical. We don’t get many opportunities to have all these people under one roof,” recalls Tequila.

The expanded lobby space gave great opportunity to the 2014 pre-show resource fair, led by Mitchell Gustin (MU ‘14), which featured representatives from Planned Parenthood, Gay City, Lambert House, the Northwest Network (LGBTQ abuse resources), and Lifelong Aids Alliance.

Does it make a difference to those who participate? Tequila Mockingbird, a.k.a. Skylar Dove, shares the love. “I’m so honored to have been a host for this wonderful event… Drag is a special art form to me because it’s a character I can call all mine… It’s a way to show self expression and show the world what your made of and what you can give. It’s a powerful form of self acceptance, theatre, and political change and that is why I do drag.” Tequila will live on after Senior year, Skylar hopes, “As the future unfolds, I don’t know where Tequila will end up but I do hope she’ll start to make appearances in local cabarets and drag venues. I would be honored to continue my craft while I’m still here in Seattle.”

2015 will offer another chance to join Cornish for this growing, popular event. “I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who came out to support the show,” concludes Tequila. “It’s important that Cornish experience these kinds of events to really gain an awareness of the immense diversity here in our community. When we’re aware and knowledgeable about each other, that’s when the most beautiful art happens, or at least that’s my opinion.”

— Jenisa Ubben (AR ‘13)


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