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Reg Rocks Cornish

Reg Rocks Cornish

: Incoming design student Shelby Hayes at her department meeting. Photo by Mark Bocek.

Reg Rocks Cornish

: Dancing on the cruise. Video cap of new students rocking a dance circle. Photo by Jerry Hekkel.

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UPDATE, 7/18: Registration at Cornish is no drudge of signing up for classes, it’s a real event and it’s capped by a cruise.

July 18-19: incoming students who had to miss the opportunity of June 20 will still get the chance to take part in registration activities. The July registration days will be the same in every particular as the ones in June.

The Hayes family was in from East Wenatchee on June 20 to get daughter Shelby registered at Cornish. Shelby and her parents, Sean and Renae Hayes, joined hundreds of incoming freshmen and their parents for the day-long event. What they found was more fun than they probably could have imagined.

Registration at Cornish is not the dreary bureaucratic exercise it is at many schools, marked by hundreds of perfect strangers elbowing each other aside to check out computer printouts of which classes are still available.  At Cornish, incoming students and their families get a chance to begin the process of making the one-on-one contacts that characterize the College. Sure, they sign up for classes and get IDs, but they also hear talks on the Cornish experience, meet classmates and department heads, get personal advising, tour the campus and get some lunch. Then to cap it all, there’s a getting-to-know-you cruise on Puget Sound.

The day started with freshmen checking in and getting their ID photos taken. Half an hour later, they were seated in a light studio listening to Director of Admissions Sharron Starling welcome them to the College.

Starling let them know that the day was the beginning of an incredible journey into the arts. Wielding the morning Seattle Times that contained an interview with recent graduate Jerick Hoffer (TH ’10), back in town to star in Hairspray the Concert at the 5th Avenue. Starling told students about Jerick’s success on stage and with the drag character he created, Jinkx Monsoon, who not only won the nationally televised RuPaul’s Drag Race but took a show straight from the Cornish playhouse at Seattle Center to Off-Broadway in New York. She told students that they, too, could get the kind of training and experience at Cornish to become the artist they were capable of being and to do great things.

Students then left the hall in groups based on their disciplines. Shelby Hayes is coming to Cornish to study design, so she followed her cohort to the 5th floor design studio to hear Brian Kennedy, department coordinator, talk about what the next four years would bring. Students had the chance to meet one another and ask questions. Parents, on the other hand, attended their own meeting to hear about what the experience of Cornish would mean for their children.

After lunch, everyone checked the packets they had received when they checked in to get their appointment times to meet one-on-one with advisors and register for classes. All during this time, students had an opportunity to tour the College and its residence halls.

The capstone event of the day was a cruise of Lake Union and Lake Washington complete with Northwest-themed dinner and getting to know one another in a more relaxed setting — and dancing. CHECK IT OUT:


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