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Orientation: Cornish Connection

Orientation: Cornish Connection

: Courtesy Cornish College of the Arts.

Student volunteers and staff help new students make the “Cornish Connection”

Now that students have gotten into Cornish figuratively, the time has come for them to get into Cornish literally.  That means learning where their classes are, where they can get help with things, where they’ll be living and everything else needed to start a life for themselves at college. It’s orientation. At Cornish, orientation is called “Cornish Connection” and it’s organized by the Office of Student Life.


Heather Beach, Student Life office assistant explains the name: “Cornish Connection connects new students to the campus so they feel coming in that they are already part of the community.”

This August 28, about 200 freshmen and a bit over 80 transfer students will be showing up to learn the ropes. Led by orientation leaders who are current students, the newbies will be split up in groups of 25-30. Most of the activities will be taking place at the Main Campus Center (MCC) with large gatherings at Seattle Unity.

Along with the various educational events, there are some activities that are a bit more fun. A “dessert special” is planned, and new students can see special performances by the Velocity Dance Theater and a student production of a new play, The Last Five Years.

The varied fare of this year’s Cornish Connection is largley the work of Eden Tullis, who has organized all activities as orientation coordinator. Eden is an intern from the graduate program at Seattle University, part of a successful, ongoing relationship between Cornish and SU. “She’s really worked her tail off getting this together,” says Jerry Hekkel, dean of student life.

Events are scheduled from Wednesday August 28 through Tuesday, September 3, when Convocation will be held at Seattle Unity and classes begin. There are no activities on Labor Day, September 2.


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