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Neddy at Cornish Continues

Neddy at Cornish Continues

: Cornish president Nancy Uscher with board member Donna James at Neddy opening. Photo by Winifred Westergard (AR '07).

Neddy at Cornish Continues

: Sculptor Dan Webb with Cornish provost Moira Scott Payne. Photo by Winifred Westergard (AR '07).

Neddy at Cornish Continues

: Young art lover and mom. Photo by Winifred Westergard (AR '07).

Neddy at Cornish Continues

: Watching the Neddy videos. Photo by Winifred Westergard (AR '07).

Neddy at Cornish Continues

: Executive Director of Reel Grrls Robin Held and Dean of the College Jenifer Ward . Photo by Winifred Westergard (AR '07).

Neddy at Cornish Continues

: Neddy finalists with Sally Behnke. Photo by Winifred Westergard (AR '07).

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Don’t miss it! See the 2013 Neddy at Cornish Exhibition, closing October 19.

Cornish is proudly playing host to a giant wooden arm, a wooly child with a birthday cake, a custom-made,18kt gold penny clad in copper: it was all part of this year’s Neddy at Cornish Exhibition. The exhibition, which ends in less than a week, has brought eight intriguing artists into Cornish’s Main Gallery. Locally-based Julie Alpert, Jack Daws (with the absurdly valuable counterfeit penny), Emily Gherard, Victoria Haven, Andrea Heimer (creator of the cake-carrying woolly child), Matthew Offenbacher, Dan Webb (creator of the wooden arms), and Robert Yoder are the Neddy finalists, whose work was considered carefully for the last round of judging before the presenting of the $25,000 unrestricted Neddy at Cornish award.

“Turns out giving checks to artists is one of my favorite things,” said Jenifer Ward, Dean of the College. The big checks got handed to awardees Victoria Haven (for the Open Medium category), and Matthew Offenbacher (for the Painting category).

Along with checks, cupcakes were presented by Seattle artist Joey Veltkamp, who interviewed the finalists in videos filmed by Reel Grrls for the show. Haven, a former Cornish drawing professor and Offenbacher, who created an original painting in our gallery for the Neddy exhibition, were chosen by Sean Elwood to receive the awards. Elwood, the Director of Programs & Initiatives at Creative Capital and former Curator and Collection Manager of the Seattle Arts Commission, looked on anonymously from the crowd.

The selection process was rigorous, and because the finalists were so diverse, the curating of the exhibition needed a careful eye. “It could have been any eight artists, really,” said curator Cable Griffith, “it’s up to me to find how to create rhythms and relationships that flow and set each other off interestingly.” Griffith spent most of the reception strategically placed at a corner with Jack Daws’ gold casting of a penny at his feet.

The Neddy at Cornish is an annual artist award program supported by the Behnke Foundation and housed at Cornish College of the Arts in memory of Robert E.(“Ned”) Behnke and in celebration of his life as an artist. Each year, two $25,000 unrestricted awards are given—one in painting and one in any medium or combination of media grounded in the visual arts—to artists living and working in the greater Puget Sound region.


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