Mary Lambert Sings Out For #HereIAm

Cornish graduate Mary Lambert ’11 has won awards for her music and for her social activism. Now she’s part of J.C. Penney’s #HereIAm campaign for body positivity.

Singer Mary Lambert turns her music into a powerful tool for speaking out about the issues that concern her. Famously she appeared on the Grammys for “Same Love,” which she co-wrote and performed with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the same program on which Queen Latifah married 33 same-sex couples. This Cornish alumna openly discusses issues related to her experience as a proud member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Her hit single “Secrets,” a song that addresses her personal experiences with childhood trauma and bipolar disorder, earned her a SAMHSA Special Recognition Award for her efforts to promote openness about mental health.

Now Lambert is appearing the #HereIAm campaign for body positivity. As part of an ad campaign created by J.C. Penney, the video encourages plus-size women to tell their stories and refute stereotypes. As Lambert puts it in the video: "The bodies don't need to change. The attitude does."

Cosmopolitan’s website called it “a gorgeous, captivating commercial” and commended both the company and the women appearing in it for calling out the importance of “being able to look and feel beautiful, at every size. “

Lambert, who is currently promoting a new single, also spoke recently on ABC News about the Orlando shootings.  “It is such a strange time, a time that is tragic for so many…I have to remind myself to be active in the gay community is to be vocal about love and about who  you are. [It] is essential to moving forward,” she said.