January 18 Deadline Fast Approaching for Cornish-VCFA Masters Program

Composite photo of the VCFA campus with participants in their MAT program. The photo of campus is by Hannahmorris, Creative Commons license.. Photo: Vermont College of Fine Arts.

January 18 Deadline Fast Approaching for Cornish-VCFA Masters Program

The Vermont College of Fine Arts offers both an innovative, accelerated, combined BFA/MAT program with Cornish, as well as their fine standard MAT. Both programs have an application deadline coming up.

One of the landmark events of recent years has been the first involvement in a graduate program by Cornish College of the Arts. Together with the Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA), Cornish offers an accelerated five-year program for art students that results in both a BFA and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree. Alumni, too, may be interested in taking part in a low-residency program for the same MAT degree from VCFA. For Cornish students and alumni wishing to take part, the priority scholarship deadline is January 18. Those who can't make the priority deadline are welcome to apply for a rolling admissions process till April 4.


VCFA’s year low-residency Master of Arts in Teaching degree is intended for artists and designers who want to become licensed PK-12 teachers. For those unfamiliar with the term, “low residency” means that the program requires students to attend short, intensive sessions in Vermont rather than an extended stay at the college. This allows great flexibility on the student’s part in planning their graduate education.

Current Cornish student Mia Gjerde ’17 is  in her first year with the program. Having made one trip out to the beautiful environs of VCFA in Montpelier, Vermont, she will go back for a summer intensive following her Cornish graduation this May. She joins Kris Dales ’10 who is a Cornish alum who is in his second year of the standard MAT program.

“Both Mia and Kris are truly incredible and interesting artists, and both passionate about art teaching,” writes Marni Leikin, program director of the MAT/MA in Art & Design Education. Leiken also notes that there is a new push for art teachers in the Seattle area, and the VCFA program is made to order for addressing this anticipated need.