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How Agustina Discovered She Can Go to Cornish NOW

: Photo by Mark Bocek.

Agustina Robinson experienced Summer at Cornish, an opportunity made possible by a meeting between her mother and Cornish staffer Patrice Edwards.

Patrice Edwards, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, was excited to share an email titled: “How Agustina discovered she can go to Cornish NOW.” Earlier this year, Edwards met Augustina’s mother, another Patrice, at the Northwest African American Museum. “During a Q&A at a museum function,” Edwards said, “a mom stood up and vehemently complained there are no resources for her child. I approached her afterwards and encouraged her to be in touch with me [about Summer at Cornish]. It was cute because she said she and her daughter pass Cornish daily and she often tells the child … ‘someday you could even go there.’ I said, ‘No need to wait, she can go now.’”

With the help of Alison Staplin, summer and external programs manager, a scholarship was arranged for Agustina Robinson to attend Summer at Cornish.

Although Augustina was younger than many students and felt a little outside her comfort zone at first, she talked it over with her mother and decided to stay. “Agustina loved it!  And she loved the Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Vocal and Theater teachers!” wrote Patrice Robinson to Edwards about how Augustina moved past a trying first day to fully enjoy the program. “Agustina learned an awesome lesson about life last week. And she learned some great new skills in song and dance and theater. Thank you for opening the door for her to attend the Cornish Summer program!  I see so much growth in her emotionally, socially and in her talent.”

EXTRA! Agustina raps:

After Summer at Cornish, the next time Agustina and her mother pass the Cornish Main Campus and talk about her going to the College one day, it will seem a lot less like a dream.


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