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GiveBig: Helping the Next Generation of Artists

GiveBig: Helping the Next Generation of Artists

: Courtesty of the Seattle Foundation.

GiveBig: Helping the Next Generation of Artists

: A special relationship: scholarship recipient Danie Allinice (AR '14), right, with donor Zel Brook (AR '96).. Photo by Winifred Westergard.

GiveBig: Helping the Next Generation of Artists

: Danie Allinice, Untitled (Word), 2013, oil on wood panel, diptych 48 x 36.

GiveBig: Helping the Next Generation of Artists

: Danie Allinice, Untitled (Jive), 2013, oil on wood panel, diptych 48 x 36.

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The annual GiveBig has become a major source of funding for Seattle non-profits; at Cornish gifts support the work of students like Danie Allinice.

Training a generation of artists requires dedication. Whether it’s in music, design, theater, performance production, dance or art, the resources needed for each student are enormous. We never want the lack of financial means to stand in the way of developing the next great talent. On May 15, the Cornish community will have a fantastic opportunity to make a huge impact on the lives of our students by participating in GiveBig, the Seattle Foundation’s one-day, online charitable giving event. Each donation made during those 24 hours will receive a partial match.

Opportunities like GiveBig are particularly important to Cornish and its students when you consider that nine out of every 10 dollars donated in this country come from individuals. This means that there is a lot of potential among members of our community to make gifts. Whatever amount works for you from $10 to $10,000, it all adds up.

A great place to invest your giving is in a crucial area of student support – financial aid. Each year Cornish awards nearly $4.25 million in financial aid. This translates into more than 90% of our students receiving some form of aid, yet the demand still outweighs the resources available.

Danie Allinice (AR ’14), a multi-year awardee of Cornish’s Endowed Scholarship program, shares why it’s important to give. “The contributions of those individuals generous enough to donate to scholarship funds have allowed me to remain a full-time student able to focus time and attention on my education,” she says.

Danie is particularly keen to talk about what giving means on a community level. “An endowed scholarship like mine makes me feel that there is a network built around the support for my success as an artist and citizen. I am encouraged that there are people willing to help ensure the fruition of the goals of those around them, those who need outside support.”

You can be part of the support that students like Danie rely on and help to relieve their need for additional financial aid by participating in GiveBig on May 15.


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