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GiveBig: Meet Fritz Rodriguez. GiveBig Today.

GiveBig: Meet Fritz Rodriguez. GiveBig Today.

: Courtesy of Fritz Rodriguez.

GiveBig: Meet Fritz Rodriguez. GiveBig Today.

: The Seattle Foundation's GiveBig.

GiveBig: Meet Fritz Rodriguez. GiveBig Today.

: Fritz in the Collaboratory; photo by Winnie Westergard..

GiveBig: Meet Fritz Rodriguez. GiveBig Today.

: Installing Dry Drowning; photo by Winnie Westergard..

GiveBig: Meet Fritz Rodriguez. GiveBig Today.

: Dry Drowning (detail); photo by Winnie Westergard..

GiveBig: Meet Fritz Rodriguez. GiveBig Today.

: Dry Drowning; photo by Winnie Westergard..

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Fritz, an art department freshman, represents the compelling blend of intelligence, curiosity and fearlessness that makes Cornish students a great reason to GiveBig.

Fritz Rodriguez (AR ‘16) is one of the many talented young artists who is directly affected by your gift during the GiveBig campaign. Fritz’s video self-portrait, I Am Fritz, was created as a class assignment earlier this year and serves as an apt introduction to this particular young artist, embodying the search for authentic creative expression and discovery that all students come here to develop. For this reason, Fritz was asked to represent the type of work that he and his fellow students are doing in this year’s GiveBig campaign. Nothing conveys the vitality of what happens here at Cornish better than the students whose collective sense of curiosity and adventure illuminates our community.

I am Fritz from Cornish College of the Arts on Vimeo.

Associate Director of Admissions, Eric Swangstu, saw promise in Fritz from the start:

“What struck me about Fritz, when I first met him, was his sincerity and openness with his work and with his words. He was living in Idaho and had taken a gap year between high school and college in order to gain perspective and find direction.” Eric continued, “It was easy to see that he was an interesting thinker, eager to learn, and meaningful with his activities.  Since he was as equally involved with music as he was with visual art, I knew that he would thrive in the Cornish community.” Interdisciplinary work is an important hallmark of the Cornish approach to art.

As Eric intuited, these characteristics have helped Fritz to thrive at Cornish. One particularly impressive work that he completed this year, Dry Drowning,  is a piece that grew from his experience of seeing a woman drown on the Payette River. As with many projects, Dry Drowning grew out of earlier, smaller works, coming together fully this spring in the Cornish Collaboratory, a gallery space dedicated to interdisciplinary art. Fritz and Emily Lazear (MU ‘16), a first-year music student, submitted their proposal and were awarded a mini-grant to further develop and install Dry Drowning in the Collaboratory. The result was a moving, beautiful visual representation of this event in Fritz’s life accompanied by Emily’s evocative sound collage.

Cable Griffith, Gallery & Exhibitions Curator, had this to say:

“Fritz is surprisingly mature and ambitious for an artist, for a freshman. There’s a maturity in his relentless pursuit of excellence and in the ability to keep the bar high for himself. It’s kind of remarkable to see that. He’s seems to just jump in and have this really clear vision. He’ll do something that seems impossible and he’ll just do it, and then realize, ‘wow, this might be impossible,’ right in the middle of it. But he knows that it has to be done and just does it.” Cable noted that in this short first year, he’s still figuring out who Fritz is, but that “he’s someone I can’t stop wanting to watch. I’m still just really curious about Fritz, I barely know him, but I’m blown away by his passion for what he does.”

Passion and ambition drive students like Fritz to create, innovate and bring immeasurable value to all our lives. This is what you support when you make a gift during GiveBig.

Visit to see further examples of Fritz’s work and to keep up with his future projects.


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