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From EXPO to Commencement: Another Class Becomes Alumni

From EXPO to Commencement: Another Class Becomes Alumni

: EXPO 14 artists: seniors Reilly Sinanan-art, Alexandra Maricich-dance, Sarah Xanthakis-design, Seth May-Patterson-music, Andrea Phillips-performance production, and junior Anthony Simmons-theater. Photo by Mark Bocek.

Cornish welcomes a new class of alumni, the graduates of 2014; meet a few of them through their EXPO 14 profiles

It’s such a thin line that if it weren’t for the pomp of the Cornish commencement, it might slip by without notice: the transition from student to alumnus. One day you’re a student demonstrating your artistic development as part of EXPO, the next you’re working as a professional in the wide world. This year, 175 students are making the transition as they receive their BMs or BFAs in art, design, performance production, dance, and theater; five of them were profiled for EXPO 14. It’s a good time to consider what this new class of alumni will bring to the world of the arts.

Expo 14 page with profiles and videos.

More information on the Art and Design BFA Exposition, opening big on Friday, May 9.

EXPO 14 artists profiled on the Cornish site are Reilly Sinanan (art), Alexandra Maricich (dance), Sarah Xanthakis (design), Seth May-Patterson (music), and Andrea Phillips (performance production0. Also featured is junior Anthony Simmons (theater), as seniors in theater had finished their production work before EXPO 14 premiered. As EXPO 14’s Art and Design BFA Exhibition opens, be on the lookout for added profiles.


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